Photo Blogging Challenge – Anything Goes

The June photo blogging theme was “Anything goes“. Other than getting a song from the musical with the same name stuck in my head, I didn’t have any immediate inspiration for what I wanted to do with photos this month.

So, my plan was just to continue carrying my digital camera with me every day and see what photos I could come up with.

I also had a trip to Brussels, Belgium, and Paris & Nice, France in June, so I was open to using travel photos as well.


I was sad I’d miss participating in the AIDS Action 5K in Boston due to my Europe trip –

but this art in Brussels made me think of all the walkers & runners back home 


Domino’s delivery mopeds in Paris, France


Pretty view on the grounds of Club Med in Opio, France (near Nice)


No idea why John Adams has an orange ball in his hand! 

I have 2 theories though – a child that wanted to share his toy or a clue in a scavenger hunt

Photo taken in Quincy, MA (City of Presidents)


I wish this one came out better but it’s a traveling carnival in Hull, MA

Bonus photo:


Here’s an update on the goslings from last month’s photo challenge – they’re growing up fast!

This monthly photo blogging challenge is facilitated by PJ of the Northeast Bloggers Network.

Thanks for inspiring me to take more photos!

Healthy Chicks – Summer Body Confidence Program


I’m very excited that this evening is the start of the Healthy Chicks – Summer Body Confidence Program.

They’ll be a conference call with Rachel tonight to discuss the overall program plan and our personal intentions for the summer.

I need to think about mine, but right now I’m leaning towards being mindful of my schedule to include events that recharge me.

I’m constantly over-scheduling myself – even sometimes with free summer workouts – and that leads to never feeling truly relaxed or giving my body much time to recover. It also leads to unintentional eating, when I grab dinner post event and I’m overly hungry. (And the unintentional eating leads to weight gain & my wedding rings not fitting on my ring finger without hurting me. I don’t care what the number on the scale says, but I’d like to have my rings fit me better by the end of the summer.)

I need to remind myself that no one can “do everything” and that’s OK!

If you’re interested in joining the program, check out the link above for details and a paypal link.

Equinox Run Club & Run Stronger Seminar

Last night, I went for a run with Equinox Franklin Street Run Club followed by a Run Stronger Seminar lead by trainer David Cheal.

The run club was fun, but my legs were not happy with me, so I walked most of the 3 mile route. It was a pretty route though, by the aquarium, into the north end, and back.

I joked with Kristen, a leader of the run club, that I had “new year’s resolution syndrome” in the wrong month & my body was mad at me for working out every day that week, when I normally take rest days. Oops. Readers, remind me of this when I have the urge to over-schedule myself again! It’s tough when summer hits and there are so many free outdoor fitness opportunities to be a part of.

Luckily, I was not left behind and still got 3 miles in.

The post run Run Stronger Seminar lead by trainer David Cheal was great. He’s an advocate of training schedules that include rest days from runs & separating the days you run & days you strength train.

He quoted Scott Murr, co-founder of Furman Running Program, “Run less run faster”.

He also showed us how to look for common running injuries developing and what exercises to do to try to fix the problem before it stops you from running.

Thanks Equinox for a wonderful night!

And for those of you in the Boston area looking for a run club to join, Equinox Franklin Street’s run club runs every Thursday at 6:15 PM (warm ups at 6) and you don’t have to be a member to join them. They have many different paces and run 5.5 mile, 4.4 mile, 3.8 mile, and 2.3 mile routes. The routes change every week, and the maps are shared before the run.

November Project – 6/24


The last Wednesday of every month is “race day” at November Project Boston.

We also have our own DJ blasting tunes & people race to set PRs (personal records).

I’m still working my way to a “full tour” of 37 sections – but I got in 18 sections, which is 3 sections better than last week. I’ll take that improvement, however small, thank you. 🙂

Last Wednesday of the month workouts are some of my favorites because I have the music playing to sing along with and racing friends to motivate me to keep pushing.

I stupidly walked to the wrong section when it was group picture time today & realized my mistake too late to turn around. Oops.

I’m sad that I missed the awesome Jon Snow impersonating Oscar winning the positivity award. Well deserved!

This photo from an NP workout in November is what I’m referring to with the Game of Thrones reference

A friend took picture with me before the start of the 6:30 AM stair climbing group.


(It was actually kinda funny. A friend asked me to join a group picture and I did, but said through my laughter “I’m short. It’s not easy for me to photobomb!”)

Here’s one of me starting the climb this morning.


I’m in the pink with the November Project bandana

Move Sweat Love Pilates Summer Bootcamp – 6/22

Last night was an awesome outdoor workout on the Greenway in Boston across from the North End, lead by Move Sweat Love with Ali.



There must have been at least 100 of us participating in the workout! (More filled in closer to the start, after I took the photos below. Mats covered the grass.)




If you’re interested in joining, they’ll be another free workout with Ali next Monday – same place & time.

Thank you to Essentia Water for sponsoring this workout & providing water for us!


Northeast Comic Con – June 2015

You may remember that back in December I had a great time attending Northeast Comic Con in Wilmington, MA.

NECC was back this weekend and my husband Dave & I joined them on Saturday.

We had a blast wandering the con floor & I got in 6,399 steps for the day.

I enjoyed seeing some great cosplayers! (I really love how family friendly NECC is!)


Guardians of the Galaxy




Loki & Thor

We also attended panels with puppeteers and puppet creators for Jim Henson & later in the day we saw Adam West speak.

There was a kid dressed as Batman that asked Adam West a question beginning with “Hello old chum!” which had the whole crowd laughing and saying “awww”.

The puppeteers panel was my favorite. Leslie Carrara-Rudolph (Abby Cadabby and others on Sesame Street) spoke about her work using art to reach at risk children. She was wearing an Autism Speaks pin and said that her arm was tired from an event with kids with Autism the previous day. Autism is a cause close to my heart, since my God-son has Autism. I was tearing up when Leslie spoke and got to thank her later on the con-floor.

Thank you to the organizers of Northeast Comic Con for another wonderful day! We hope to see you again in December!

Race Cancer 5k – 6/18

I had a great time last night at the Race Cancer Foundation 5K June Summer Series race.

The route was around the Chestnut Hill Reservoir and it was lovely!

I’m looking forward to the future Summer Series races there. (I got a seasons pass for all the races in the series and you should too!) Our next race is July 9th. Register at

Before the race, I read a great article from Runners World: Dead Freakin’ Last…And Proud of It!

Since I’m still a run/walker – I’ve been last at races before and the article really resonated with me.

So, last night I started to walk to my car (twice) and saw runners that were struggling to finish the race.

I thought of the “Race Angels” mentioned in the Runners World article and asked the ladies if they’d like company to run the last quarter of a mile with. They both happily accepted.

The woman that was actually last (both women thought they were the last participant coming in) was walking with tears streaming down her face when I found her. I made sure that it was just emotions and not needing medical attention – then I ran ahead to the finish to ask them not to close since one more participant was on her way in. It was about 54 minutes after the race start, so volunteers were beginning to take banners down.

Then I ran back to her and ran with her towards the finish. Once she finished – she was beaming! It was her best 5K time ever! Way to go setting a PR!!!!

I had a great time sweeping the race and may see if this is a task I can officially take on in the future. (Following the last runner & letting the race organizers know when we’re close to finish.)

And before you think I’m a total crazy person (I am on some things, but not this), I’m on the board of the Race Cancer Foundation and the Summer Series 5ks are our races. That made me feel a little more responsibility to make sure the back of the pack participants have a great race experience too.

Barre & Soul Opening in Cambridge July 13th

Barre & Soul® is opening Cambridge’s first-ever barre studio on July 13th. It will be in Harvard Square in the Garage building.

The studio will host both barre and vinyasa yoga classes.

I’ve been asked to be a part of their blogger program, which includes some free classes, so you’ll be seeing lots of posts about their classes soon.

I’m posting this prior to their opening, because they’re running a special for the first 100 to become members:

Owner Andrea Isabelle Lucas “doesn’t want it to be your typical barre studio.” She wants it “to be a community gathering spot in addition to a place you go to get fit.”

Andrea 5

Owner Andrea Isabelle Lucas

Back at November Project Boston


Boy did my return to November Project Boston this morning to climb the Harvard Stadium stairs feel good!
Vacations are great, but I missed my NP friends!

Usually, when I return from skipping weeks of stair climbing, my body is a little mad at me and I don’t get far.

My goal for today was I would climb without stopping until Emily announced that time was up. I often let me body psych itself out and stop climbing before time is called.

To my pleasant surprise, I was able to get in 15 sections climbed. (Not a PR but darn close and I’m still proud of myself for overcoming the urge to quit.)

I also gave my water bottle away to some newbies that were climbing nearby and feeling their 1st workout.

I’ve mentioned before that November Project is family friendly (minus the one swear we shout when we warm up).

Look who was climbing near me today!




The little boy climbed too! Not just on Dad’s back the whole time.

And because I just like taking & sharing photos – here’s one of Emily – one of 3 co-leaders of November Project Boston.


Emily rocks!

Edit – the 6:30 AM group photo is ready!


Can you find me? I wore a white shirt today & my posture is very straight

Hot Ride at B/Spoke Studios


B/Spoke is a new cycling studio in the downtown crossing/south station area of Boston.

I was invited by the owner to take a free “Hot Ride” class lead by Aly Raymer.

It was my 1st time taking a class at B/Spoke so they asked me to come to the class a little early so I could tour the studio.

I was impressed by the studio. They provide free bottled water to all participants. Shoe rentals are included in the cost of a spin class. There are changing rooms and bathrooms (and the changing rooms were pretty spacious compared to other spin studios I’ve taken classes at in the Boston area).

Their lockers have a combination system so you don’t need to bring a lock with you.

So, on to the class!

There is no false advertising! It is HOT! You’ll be sweating for the whole class.

Aly was very motivating. She mixed up instructing from a bike at the front and jumping off to walk through the class, sometimes dancing on the way.

She knew I was new to her class so she checked in with me after class to see how I was feeling.

I forgot how bad my glasses can slip off my face when I’m sweating buckets, but other than that the class was great.

Aly pushed everyone to get to a level that was tough for them.

I enjoyed the class but I think I still prefer traditional spin classes to a hot class.

I was hilarious on my subway ride home though. Downed about 40 oz. of water from my water bottle in 2 minutes.