Photo Blogging Challenge – Spring

The May photo blogging challenge theme was “Spring“.

MA weather seemed to skip straight to Summer. (Welcomed after our snowiest winter on record!)

Despite the temperature, I was able to get a few pictures to choose from.


Quincy, MA’s “most nearly perfect sphere in the world

The city I live in is beautiful. I love the flowering trees behind our granite sphere.

City Hall is under construction again – so that’s why the green fence is up.


To me & my husband – Spring means free comic book day is here! 

It’s always the 1st Saturday in May.

We’re lucky to have a New England Comics in Quincy that’s a few blocks from our house.

They go all out to celebrate – bringing in cosplayers, artists to sign comics, and even sampling wine (a few years ago)!


There is a pond behind my office complex.

There are a few geese families with goslings this spring!

I didn’t dare get any closer. Don’t need protective parents getting mad at me.


Took the photo above in Hull – a beautiful beachside town on the south shore of MA

The second flag is for the Boston Celtics – our basketball team.

I don’t understand why everyone thinks we’re such huge sports fans in MA. 😉


My husband holding a Carlton Fisk bobblehead from the giveaway night on May 5th at Fenway Park

I know most people associate baseball with Summer, but I think of Spring as the start of baseball season.

I’ve been to 3 Red Sox games this year. (They only won one of those games.)

You may remember from my Red Sox Girls of Summer post that I’m a big Red Sox fan.

I stand by my team, even in their slumps.


Bonus photo – me holding my ticket to the Red Sox game on May 5th, in front of my Red Sox purse

This monthly photo blogging challenge is facilitated by PJ of the Northeast Bloggers Network.

Thanks for inspiring me to take more photos!

19 thoughts on “Photo Blogging Challenge – Spring

    • Yes!
      I had a working day in Boston last Thursday and everywhere I looked the beauty was spectacular. (I already had this post written & scheduled, or I’d have taken photos.)

  1. You all certainly were hammered this winter. I’m glad you are finally able to enjoy the out of doors again. Those (redbud?) trees by the sphere are so pretty. We have lots of them on our property, and they always make me smile when I look out the window or pull in the driveway.
    Smart move leaving those geese alone. 🙂

    • Thanks! I’m glad the sphere photo came out so well. I took it on the 1st Saturday in May, on the walk over to the comic shop for free comic book day.

  2. I am somewhat Red Sox fan. My husband is a huge one as were his parents, and their parents, etc. He asked, in 2004, if I would root for them with him even though “they never win.” I like to say it was my fandom that tipped them over the edge. This drives my husband crazy. And is kind of why I say it.

    • Ha! I can see why that would drive him crazy.

      I was going to college at a school a 5 minute walk away from Fenway Park in 2004. It was crazy electric when we were in the playoffs, then won and broke the darn curse.

      I was at the World Series ring ceremony opening day 2005 & it was a magical day!

  3. These were so fun to see. We have a granite sphere at the zoo. It somehow spins on water but you can’t get your hands under it. I love your picture of the Canada geese… I love seeing all the Spring babies!

  4. Ooo, those trees are so lovely! They look like pink clouds in the background. Would make a great backdrop for a family photo. You were wise not to venture too closely to the baby goslings with the parents close-by!

  5. We always went to Newberrys for free comic book day in Boston…My nephew lived there… you could look out his kitchen window and see the giant Fenway beer bottle!

  6. Isn’t it crazy how spring seemed to go from winter to summer! Things have evened out up here near me, though.

    Three Red Sox games, eh? Fenway is on my bucket list. I really need to get to a game. I might try to sneak down and see a game this year. I missed a great chance a couple of years ago when they were having a down year. I looked on Stub Hub and saw some decent seats to an afternoon game against Oakland — 13 bucks! And I didn’t go. So silly of me. I’d like to get down there this year if I can, though. We’ll see how it goes.

    Good work this month!

  7. I was in Boston for a conference the year they won the World Series. We didn’t get to see a game but visited Fenway and the Monster. We were still in town for the parade too. Good times.

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. I’ve seen a few posters for free coming day over the years, so I guess we have that in Canada, too. But I don’t think I’ve ready a comic since I gave up Archie way back when! It’s great that you can walk to your favourite comic store to take advantage of that day each year.

    I love to get outside walking, whether to the store, the train station or just because, so it’s always great to come across someone else who seems to take similar advantage of the fact that we’re (almost) all born with two legs!! And with the phone cameras as good as they are these days, it’s pretty easy to get decent photos without carrying a lot of gear and having to worry about keeping it safe, etc. Love that sphere with the pink blossoms in behind… a couple of curved shapes and the contrast of the hard sphere and the soft petals all works together really well.

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