RACE Cancer Foundation May Challenge


I’m committing to walk at least a mile every day in May & raising money for RACE Cancer Foundation.

Will you join me for the May Challenge?

You can log your mileage anywhere in the world so sign up today to help this great cause: http://rcm.nu/79tze


Brooks Bra Bash

Did you know, “sports bras should never celebrate a birthday”?


I headed to Brooks Bra Bash at Marathon Sports in Boston to get a free sports bra fitting from Brooks.


Since having a baby, I had no idea what my bra size is.

Can’t get back to getting fit if I don’t have workout clothing!

Thanks to the fitting, I got an awesome comfortable, new sports bra from Brooks that has enough compression that my large chest won’t bounce when I run!

Thank you to Marathon Sports for hosting!

I’m not even 5k ready post baby, but maybe I’ll get to marathon shape some day.

Opinions are my own. I was not compensated. Just a happy customer!

Marathon Weekend in Boston

I love Boston Marathon weekend in Boston.

The whole city celebrates!

The residents of MA get extra friendly and help lost tourists and runners and their families visit Boston.

On the Saturday before the marathon, my husband & I headed to the free fitness expo.

Be Boston

I’m wearing my shirt from the BAA 5K on Boston Marathon weekend in 2014

At 2:49 pm there was a moment of silence at the expo in honor of the marathon bombing victims from 2013.

We walked along Boylston Street (Marathon Finish Line) and everything was decked in Boston Marathon colors of blue & yellow.

Another way the city remembers is One Boston Day.

One Boston Day

After the expo, we wandered around the city – catching Pokemon and enjoying the warm weather.

We’re spoiled by how walkable Boston is! Instead of hopping on the subway near Copley Square, we walked up Comm Ave & through the Public Garden to take the subway from Park Street.

I walked 11,433 steps that day – about 4.77 miles.

I took a few other photos on the walk, so we’ll see if any make an appearance for the photo blogging challenge this month.

One of my friends jokingly calls marathon monday, “I’ll totally run a marathon next year!” day. Spectators, myself included, get inspired by the Boston Marathon runners.

For me, it’s the charity runners that inspire.

I like the idea of fundraising for a nonprofit, but I am not a fan of running.

I have a feeling my 10 hour Boston Marathon route time from the Jimmy Fund Walk will be my personal record.

Congratulations to all my friends that ran the Boston Marathon!

Below are just a few of their stories.

Dani ran for Teddy’s Team fighting stroke

Meagan ran for the Last Call Foundation – in honor of fallen firefighters

Hayley ran for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (The back of her shirt said “F*ck Cancer! When it gets tough, remember why you’re running”)

Alain completed the Boston Marathon, while on crutches – He’s also the founder of RACE Cancer Foundation. RACE Cancer Foundation gave out free sunscreen at the Boston Marathon start line.

Fundraising for RACE Cancer Foundation

I’ve written here before about being on the board of RACE Cancer Foundation.

On Wednesday morning, I had the privilege of touring a cancer research lab at Mass General Hospital that got funds from RACE Cancer Foundation.

Thank you to Dr. Nabeel Bardeesy for the presentation on your work and tour of the lab.

It’s very cutting edge work that could end up curing Cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer). They’ve already discovered that cancers that have an “unknown primary site” are most often actually this type of cancer.

I’m fundraising for RACE Cancer Foundation: https://www.crowdrise.com/race-cancer-foundation/fundraiser/daniellekempe

Will you support me with a donation?
Thanks to donors like you, RACE Cancer Foundation can support research and supply free sunscreen in hopes of preventing sun exposure caused cancers.

Thanks to everyone who’s already donated for bringing me to 25% of my fundraising goal raised!

Race Cancer 25%

New Balance Girls Night Out Boston – September

Last week, I attended New Balance Girls Night Out Boston.

Each #NBGNO offers 2 workout options – a fitness class, or a run.

Sadly for me, the class filled up, so I was stuck on the run.

Now, I’ve written before about not feeling running is for me. I was seriously considering just going home, but a few friends also at the event urged me to run.

I warned the pacers that I’m wicked slow and was concerned I’d be left behind. Luckily, my friend Maggie was there and took the run slow with me, because guess what happened?! Despite many assurances from the running group, I was left behind. Maggie ended up cutting the route short for me, and we were the 1st back at New Balance.


I need to figure out how to get to New Balance early on future Girls Night Out events, so I’m sure to get a spot in the fitness class.

Thank you to New Balance for your focus on women and creating the free Girls Night Out fitness program!

New Balance hosts GNO events all over the US so check the New Balance Girls Night Out to see if there’s an event scheduled near you. Be warned, the event spots go quick for this free event series, so registering as soon as the event registration opens is a good idea.

Race Cancer 5k – Finishing Last

Last night was the July race in the Race Cancer Foundation summer 5K series.

I was the last person to finish, but I’m OK with that. I finished when I didn’t want to.


The whole time I was thinking, “why do I still sign up for races? It’s been 2 years, I’m still mostly walking and I don’t like running!”

One of the co-leaders of November Project Boston asked on his personal facebook the day of the race, “Are you a person who hated exercising but fell in love with the community because of the people at NP?”

I answered a resounding “Yes! Oh my gosh. I still don’t like running or climbing stairs but I show up at NP because of the amazing community!”

So, I showed up last night to support a great nonprofit (Race Cancer Foundation) and represent November Project.

I’ve been told by other runners to just stick with running and I’ll learn to enjoy it, but I’m no where near that enjoyment yet – or ability to even run for a full mile.

Maybe last night was just a bad race for me, but I want to keep this blog real.

I’m signed up for 4 more 5k races for this year, but I’m not planning to add any more to my schedule.

Readers that run – have you ever felt this way?

Should I just give up trying to get into liking running and switch to other group fitness activities that I enjoy?

Equinox Run Club & Run Stronger Seminar

Last night, I went for a run with Equinox Franklin Street Run Club followed by a Run Stronger Seminar lead by trainer David Cheal.

The run club was fun, but my legs were not happy with me, so I walked most of the 3 mile route. It was a pretty route though, by the aquarium, into the north end, and back.

I joked with Kristen, a leader of the run club, that I had “new year’s resolution syndrome” in the wrong month & my body was mad at me for working out every day that week, when I normally take rest days. Oops. Readers, remind me of this when I have the urge to over-schedule myself again! It’s tough when summer hits and there are so many free outdoor fitness opportunities to be a part of.

Luckily, I was not left behind and still got 3 miles in.

The post run Run Stronger Seminar lead by trainer David Cheal was great. He’s an advocate of training schedules that include rest days from runs & separating the days you run & days you strength train.

He quoted Scott Murr, co-founder of Furman Running Program, “Run less run faster”.

He also showed us how to look for common running injuries developing and what exercises to do to try to fix the problem before it stops you from running.

Thanks Equinox for a wonderful night!

And for those of you in the Boston area looking for a run club to join, Equinox Franklin Street’s run club runs every Thursday at 6:15 PM (warm ups at 6) and you don’t have to be a member to join them. They have many different paces and run 5.5 mile, 4.4 mile, 3.8 mile, and 2.3 mile routes. The routes change every week, and the maps are shared before the run.