Am I running again?

Falmouth Road Race is a beautiful 7 mile race in August, on Cape Cod.

I am the team captain for Dogs for Better Lives – through the number for nonprofits program.

I was NOT planning to run this race.

I have an idea though, if I raise $820, the minimum we require our runners to raise – I will run the race too. (Team captains can do that without taking a bib from our allotment)

If you want me to run, vote with your dollars!

Danielle’s Falmouth Road Race fundraising page

Dogs for Better Lives places hearing and Autism assistance dogs – at NO COST to the client.
That’s where my job fundraising comes in. The funds I raise keep client costs to $0.

I won – LivFitness

I’m super psyched that I’ll be able to put fitness classes back into my life in 2020 thanks to winning a contest from LivFitness in Quincy.

I get 1 month of classes, a haircut, and a massage (my first massage!)

Living on just my husband’s salary right now has been tough and I’ve cut any “extras” that take care of me.

I’m going to start 2020 in an awesome way!

Fitness as a Mom

9 months ago I had a baby girl and she is awesome!

One thing that’s been fun for me is getting in workouts that involve my baby in her stroller.

Here’s what I recommend if you’re on the South Shore of MA like me:

1) Peek-A-Blue Hikes

Peek A Blue SignBlue Hills Hike 7.19.18

I’ve written before about how much fun Peek-A-Blue Hikes are on my first day attending, but I’ve loved them even more with each hike!

The routes are guided and one is stroller friendly.

I’ve only taken the stroller route but every week there are at least 30 parents and littles.

The hills are a bit of a climb pushing a stroller, but that’s the workout of it.

2) Walk in Boston


My favorite route is from South Station to the Aquarium.

The boardwalk section often puts my baby to sleep but when she’s awake, she can see the harbor seals at the Aquarium for free!

If you plan in advance, you can get a pass from your library for admission for up to 4 adults for $10 each.

3) Always Be Strolling


We take our baby in her stroller all over the state.

In the photo above, Dad & baby are at the opening of the Adams Hancock Common in Quincy.


That’s what’s working for me! Other parents, what do you recommend?


Loving Training with Jess Lanzoni

I’m having a blast training with my personal trainer Jess Lanzoni!

Below is a photo from our workout on the 4th of July.

If you’re in MA and looking for a personal trainer, I highly recommend Jess! She’s talking on new clients and will come to you for training.

The results of just a few weeks of training are definitely showing! My cardo endurance is increasing & so is my strength.


Personal Training

I’ve hired a personal trainer to help me get back to a fitness routine.
I’m super excited because the trainer is my friend Jess Lanzoni.


Me & Jess post November Project workout on my birthday in August 2014.

My first workout with Jess as my personal trainer was Wednesday.

It was a great first session – setting goals and then getting in baseline fitness levels.

I ran a little over a 1/2 mile in 12 minutes – so one of my goals is to work on that speed till I feel comfortable running for most of the ZOOMA 10K in late September.

I haven’t been on a scale since my daughter was born. She’s 6 months old now. I estimated my weight over 20 pounds higher than it turned out to be when I stepped on a scale at the gym! I’m happy that I’m back under 200 pounds. I did not set any weight loss related goals because I want to get back to feeling fit again.

Another of my goals is to work on my cardio endurance so I don’t feel winded when I push a stroller up hills during hikes or when I return to November Project Friday hill workouts.

I was proud of my performance on baseline arm strength related tests. Carrying around a 14 pound child daily got my arm muscles in shape more than I’d realized.

I look forward to great workouts and checking in here to share progress updates.