Barre & Soul Harvard Square – Free Open House – 9/12


The studio I’ve been raving about that I took classes at in the month of August, Barre & Soul, is hosting a free open house on September 12th!

I won’t be able to attend because I’ll be at Boston Festival of Indie Games, but I highly recommend you check out the free classes.

Previous posts about Barre & Soul: 1st barre class, 2nd barre class, Hoop Vinyasa, and 3rd barre class

Barre & Soul® Harvard Square Hosting Free Open House on Sat. September 12

Barre & Soul®, Harvard Square, which officially opened July 20 at 36 JFK Street in Cambridge (The Garage), is hosting a free open house on Saturday, September 12 from 8:30-12 pm to give people the opportunity to check out their new studio and try a class for free.

The first-ever barre studio in Cambridge, Barre & Soul delivers one of the most invigorating and energizing mind and body workout experiences available through their robust schedule of barre and yoga classes. Owned by veteran barre fitness and yoga instructor Andrea Isabelle Lucas, Barre & Soul has five locations: in Harvard Square, Lexington, Melrose, Portsmouth and Woburn.

Sat. Sept. 12 Class Schedule:

8:30-9:30 am:  Barre & Soul Method

8:45-9:45 am: Vinyasa Yoga

10:00-11:00 am: Barre & Soul Method

The Open House event will include a giveaway from Crane & Lion and preview of their new fall line, light refreshments and a studio tour. No advance sign-up is needed. Special intro pricing to join include $30 for 30 days of unlimited yoga and $69 combo for unlimited barre & yoga.

For more information, check out their website.

8/30 – Barre Class


Monday, at 6 PM, I took my 3rd barre class at the new Barre & Soul studio in Harvard Sq.

You may remember from my previous posts about Barre & Soul, they opened this studio on July 20th and gave me a free month pass to try it out.

How the heck did August go by so quickly?! It seems like just yesterday I was visiting this studio for the 1st time.

My instructor was Sarah Slowey, the same one I had for my 2nd barre class at Barre & Soul.

When I tweeted on Monday morning that I was looking forward to barre class that night as a great stress reliever, a friend replied, “I just did barre for the first time without hating last week. Going back on Thursday. Have a great class!”

I laughed because when I started out with barre, I wasn’t sure I’d like it either, but I’ve grown to love it.

My muscles feel even the incremental movements.

The instructors were great at correcting form, but not making you feel slow for not getting moves right away.

There were always varying ages of women in classes, and most of the older woman moved better than me so I was impressed!

I’m going to miss classes at Barre & Soul in Harvard Sq. (If they were closer to my home or office, I’d keep going, but having a long T ride there stressed me out when there were train delays.)

Barre & Soul Harvard Sq – 2nd Barre Class



Yesterday, at 6 PM, I took my 2nd barre class at the new Barre & Soul studio in Harvard Sq.

You may remember from my previous posts about Barre & Soul, they opened this studio on July 20th and are giving me a free month pass to try it out this month.

This time, the MBTA was NOT on my side & I ran in just as class was starting.

THANK YOU Barre & Soul staff for letting me in to the class, despite not arriving at least 5 minutes before the class start time.

The instructor was new to me, Sarah Slowey.

Sarah was helpful with showing me what I should be doing as a lost newbie.

I’ve got 2 more Monday night barre classes with Sarah in my August schedule, so hopefully I’ll be early next time (darn delayed trains) and be able to follow along with the class better.

One thing I’ve noticed so far about barre class though, the time in class seems to fly by. There is enough change in movements that I never thought, “I need to see how much time is left” like I have in other fitness classes.

It’s surprising how much incremental movement works the muscles and you definitely feel it on the day after class!

Barre & Soul Harvard Sq – 1st Class



Yesterday, at 6 PM, I took my 1st barre class at the new Barre & Soul studio in Harvard Sq.

You may remember from my previous posts about Barre & Soul, they opened this studio on July 20th and are giving me a free month pass to try it out this month.

The studio isn’t marked on the overall map of the Garage building in Harvard Sq, so to avoid frantic looking on your 1st visit (my experience), enter on the JFK street side, and walk up the ramp on your right. The studio took over the spot the clothing store Hootenanny previously occupied.

Once I found the studio & the instructor checked me in, I calmed down a bit.

Another FYI: they do not have locker rooms so come dressed for class. They have 2 bathrooms but lines get long. I ended up bringing my purse with me into class, but next time I’ll see if I can take the T over without bringing my purse, just my id & T pass in a pocket.

The 6 PM class was PACKED.

I’m a total coward when I’m a newbie at something. (I know, you totally don’t believe me!) I glanced around the room and didn’t see space available for me to set up.

I was about to abandon the class and return home to Quincy (50 minute T ride away) when a kind class regular saw me, and made space in between her mat and the mat next to her for me to put my mat. She was very sweet and chatted with me till class started, so I had no further plans to run away. 🙂

The instructor for this class, Quinn, was pretty wonderful!

She was great at making sure everyone got a workout at their level and explained what mods could be made for newbies like me.

Suddenly, all the things that seemed intimidating to me pre-class were easily used in the class. The strap that you wrap over the barre for some moves, blocks, ball, and weights all were used properly after explanations.

I am sore today, but I think that’s good! Who new small movements “pulses” could be such a great workout for your muscles. I definitely feel I got a great workout and am glad I tried something new to change up my workout routine.

I’ll be checking out classes with a different instructor next week and will blog again after those classes.

Update on Barre & Soul Harvard Square opening – July 20th


You may remember me blogging about Barre & Soul opening a studio in Harvard Square.

The opening date was pushed back to next Monday, July 20.

As a thank you for waiting, they’re offering an exclusive promo code for Getting Fit in MA readers!

Use promo code “VIP” to receive $10 off the regular price intro special (regular price is $69 for 1st month unlimited classes.)

Learn more about the studio at

Barre & Soul Opening in Cambridge July 13th

Barre & Soul® is opening Cambridge’s first-ever barre studio on July 13th. It will be in Harvard Square in the Garage building.

The studio will host both barre and vinyasa yoga classes.

I’ve been asked to be a part of their blogger program, which includes some free classes, so you’ll be seeing lots of posts about their classes soon.

I’m posting this prior to their opening, because they’re running a special for the first 100 to become members:

Owner Andrea Isabelle Lucas “doesn’t want it to be your typical barre studio.” She wants it “to be a community gathering spot in addition to a place you go to get fit.”

Andrea 5

Owner Andrea Isabelle Lucas

Bloggers at the Barre

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of joining a group of bloggers at Simply Barre for my 1st ever barre class at a barre studio.

Since this is the winter that just doesn’t end, it was snowing when I drove to and from class (even though it’s technically spring).

My goal for the class was just to not hurt anyone if I fell. (I didn’t fall or hurt myself any other way. Victory!)

Simply BarreEmpty studio before class begins

Blury Barre selfieBlurry selfie

100_2641[1]I had a great time & enjoyed the workout. The movements may be small, but you definitely feel the muscles working. I’m very glad I withheld judgement on Barre as a workout until I could try it in a studio.

After class, we had a delicious lunch from Paleo Life!

100_2640[1]Thank you to Simply Barre for hosting us!

Barre class – without a barre!

Sometimes, free fitness classes aren’t what you’d expect them to be.

Last night, I attended a free Barre class offered by Athleta on Newbury Street in Boston.

Hilariously enough, the class did not have the one thing I expected it to have – a barre!

I’d chosen to try this class because I thought having a barre to hold during moves would help my balance. Without one, I didn’t do so well.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a workout! It just wasn’t what I was expecting.

The store clerks moved aside clothing racks and we put yoga mats on the floor to work off of.

I felt faint towards the end of the class and started seeing spots in front of my eyes, so I stopped instead of pushing further. (I had to drive home after all. No need to scare my husband by having the store call him as my emergency contact.)

I’d try another type of class at Athleta that doesn’t require special equipment to give them another chance. Another participant I was chatting with before class recommended their Zumba class.

And I may try Barre again at a studio that has a Barre.

For now, I have another funny story on my road to fitness.

Not my class (mine was only 10 people) but this is what the store looks like when it holds fitness classes: