Photo Blogging Challenge – DIY

The June photo blogging challenge is “DIY” – which stands for do it yourself.

I may not be the one DIYing in every photo, but someone is.

Photo one:

I absolutely hate making raffle baskets. I’m fine asking for the items to be donated but putting the baskets together is my personal heck.

Despite that aversion, I put together about 45 of the 50 total raffle baskets for Quincy Pride Festival. (And I burnt myself out and quit the board. Oops)

Please ignore my messy background (I couldn’t figure out how to blur). The gift card bouquet is a display I’m most proud of the presentation.

Gift card bouquet for Quincy Pride

Quincy Pride Festival on June 6th was a success by every measure. I was in charge of everything fundraising related, and the dog show. $24,000 was raised, 90% personally raised by me. Fundraising is my favorite DIY and why my profession is nonprofit fundraising.

Thousands of cranes made by elementary and high school students in Quincy

My family had a wonderful time at the unveiling of the Quincy crane project. I believe every school made 1k to get a school wish. Great DIY students!

Fairy House in Dorchester

Thank you to whoever DIYed this fairy house behind a playground in Dorchester, MA! My daughter and her cousin Hollis adored it.

DIY bird attractors

When my father in law put fruit on the birdhouse, I was concerned all he would catch is ants. He had the last laugh and his DIY impressed me.

Bad call brick

Thank you to the crafter who thought of this then DIYed it! My father loved it as part of his Father’s Day present.

So there you go! From LGBT Pride Month in June, on we go to Disability Pride Month in July

4th of July weekend in MA is supposed to be cold and rainy, but I hope you have better weather where you are!