Social Boston Sports – New Year New You Bootcamp

Social Boston Sports

I’ve signed up for a Social Boston Sports bootcamp in Jan & Feb.

I’m on a team with my former Fit League teammate (in 2012) Desirée, called “On Wednesday’s We Do Burpees”. Side note – how is that 4 years ago?!

The classes are Yoga on Mondays and Boot Camp on Wednesdays – both at 7 PM.

The 1st class was last night, but I was feeling under the weather so I just showed up to check in & pick up my shirt…only to find out they didn’t make shirts for this league. I grumpily headed home.

Hopefully I’ll feel better on Wednesday night & will be able to attend the 1st boot camp session – and meet my teammates.

Edit 1/7:

Due to a scheduling mix up with the gym the SBS league is hosted at, classes were pushed back an hour to 8 PM. Sadly, that hour was too much of a difference for me, so I dropped the league.

I’ve been suffering from insomnia lately, and I don’t think exercising so close to bedtime would to help with my sleep. (I wouldn’t get home till 9:30 PM & I usually go to bed at 10 PM.)

Last SBS Soccer Game for Team Uno Mas

Social Boston Sports

Indoor Soccer


Team Uno Mas – picture from our 1st game

Sunday night was our last soccer game for this league.

We lost, 10-4, but came back in the 2nd half to at least keep it from being a shut out.

Maggie & Jess are planning to use their Chipotle winnings to treat us to a “team banquet” in a few weeks. I’m looking forward to that, because our team members just rock.

After the game, we discussed creating another team in a future league. I said, “I’m still not a fan of playing soccer, but I like all of you, so I’d join a future team if you make one.”

Here’s hoping we can make a future team work.

SBS Soccer 4/12

Social Boston Sports

We had another indoor soccer game Sunday night at 6 PM. We were actually competitive in the 1st half, ending only 1 goal behind 5-4. But we couldn’t score in the 2nd half and the game ended with a score of 10-4.

Oh well! We still had fun.

We’ve had bad luck this season though with the sponsor bar in the gym we play at being closed after our games. So, I’m missing the “social” that I’ve had with other SBS teams, but that’s not SBS’s fault. Next Sunday is our last game.

I’m taking my Dad to an afternoon Red Sox game that day, so wish me luck that it isn’t like Monday’s game that went 19 innings, so I can get to South Boston by our 7 PM game start time.

SBS Soccer 3/29

Social Boston Sports

Indoor Soccer

We faced a team last night that should have been in the intermediate, not novice league, but they joined the novice league because there was space in it when intermediate filled. (Bad form other team!)

We were crushed, 13- 4, but at least it wasn’t a shut out.

I actually did my job playing defense. I felt good out there and wasn’t afraid to go after the ball (like I normally am).

When I got home, I found my teammate Jess had messaged me “I just wanted to tell you how amazing you were out there today!!! You made great contact with the ball on multiple occasions, and player fantastic defense! Way to go!!!”

Now, I definitely wasn’t “amazing” but it felt good to contribute to the team instead of fearing I’ll be a liability that does something to mess us up.

Next week there’s no soccer, since it’s Easter. I’ll be back playing 4/12, for our 2nd to last game of the season.

It feels like the season flew by.

Thanks to my awesome teammates for making me feel so welcome & encouraging my improvement.


Social Boston Sports – Soccer


Coniferous Kickers

Tonight was the first game for the Social Boston Sports spring indoor soccer league.

Because this is the never ending winter, I had to drive in a small snow storm to get to & from the game. (Took it really slow & was fine.)

It was a fun night – playing mostly with former SBS teammates from the last time I played soccer.

We lost 5 -0 but had a good time.

Boston Talks: Fitness 2.0

Boston Talks snip

On Thursday night, I attended the inaugural “Boston Talks” at WGBH’s Boston headquarters.

The topic was “Fitness 2.0” and the speakers were:

Jeff Garabedian from New Balance

Melissa Malamut health writer at Boston Magazine

Matt Rubin from Social Boston Sports

The host was Edgar Herwick reporter at WGBH

Boston Talks 2

I’m the woman in the back left watching the speakers answer final questions

It was a fun night!

Jeff Garabedian talked about the inspiration for the New Balance new spring line (Rio Olympics) & how fitness clothing has evolved to actually have products designed for women, instead of the old way of just changing the color on a mens design for women to buy. He also said their target market was “Metropolitan millennials” – to which someone standing near me whispered to me “that’s you!”. I replied, “yes, and I’m a New Balance customer.”

Melissa Malamut talked a little bit about fitness tech and where she sees it going. She was actually a bit anti fitness trackers because the only people who seem to keep wearing them are already fit millennials. (I wear my Fitbit every day & I have different bands to wear for working out vs. fashion occasions. I think paying $100+ for a Tory Burch wristband for a Fitbit is ridiculous though.) She also talked about trusting the health research that comes from hospitals & colleges right in our backyard in MA.

Matt Rubin gave a great talk about the importance of social as a motivation to workout. (I love Social Boston Sports & I’ve played in Fit, Soccer, and Baseball leagues through them. My next SBS league is soccer and it starts up March 1st.) I agree with him that a social aspect is definitely what motivated me. I won’t go to a gym alone, but I’ll meet friends for a run, November Project workout, or fitness class.

Thanks to WGBH for hosting a great event!