Boston Talks: Fitness 2.0

Boston Talks snip

On Thursday night, I attended the inaugural “Boston Talks” at WGBH’s Boston headquarters.

The topic was “Fitness 2.0” and the speakers were:

Jeff Garabedian from New Balance

Melissa Malamut health writer at Boston Magazine

Matt Rubin from Social Boston Sports

The host was Edgar Herwick reporter at WGBH

Boston Talks 2

I’m the woman in the back left watching the speakers answer final questions

It was a fun night!

Jeff Garabedian talked about the inspiration for the New Balance new spring line (Rio Olympics) & how fitness clothing has evolved to actually have products designed for women, instead of the old way of just changing the color on a mens design for women to buy. He also said their target market was “Metropolitan millennials” – to which someone standing near me whispered to me “that’s you!”. I replied, “yes, and I’m a New Balance customer.”

Melissa Malamut talked a little bit about fitness tech and where she sees it going. She was actually a bit anti fitness trackers because the only people who seem to keep wearing them are already fit millennials. (I wear my Fitbit every day & I have different bands to wear for working out vs. fashion occasions. I think paying $100+ for a Tory Burch wristband for a Fitbit is ridiculous though.) She also talked about trusting the health research that comes from hospitals & colleges right in our backyard in MA.

Matt Rubin gave a great talk about the importance of social as a motivation to workout. (I love Social Boston Sports & I’ve played in Fit, Soccer, and Baseball leagues through them. My next SBS league is soccer and it starts up March 1st.) I agree with him that a social aspect is definitely what motivated me. I won’t go to a gym alone, but I’ll meet friends for a run, November Project workout, or fitness class.

Thanks to WGBH for hosting a great event!

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