Back Up Plan Time – Which Workouts Do You Recommend?

I’m a little disappointed to announce that Social Boston Sports canceled it’s summer “Fit League” (boot camp) program due to low registration.

I was registered for Tuesday & Thursday night sessions that would have started tonight and run until early August.

I’ve participated in two other sessions of SBS Fit League – in 2012 & 2013. In fact – that’s where I met Jess L. – who’s turned into a great friend and fitness coach.

So, I’m trying to look at this cancellation as an opportunity to try new workouts in my new found free time.

What workouts do you recommend I try?
The only requirement for me is that sessions be available post my work day. I can get to sessions in Boston by 6:30 PM – but anything earlier than that could be a problem. (Darn rush hour traffic vortex & working till 5:30 PM in Natick, MA.)

I’m definitely looking at the schedule of Ultimate Bootcamp to see if that’s possible for me to attend now, and I’ll be heading to more Bolly X dance classes with my Bolly X obsessed friends. (I’m wicked happy to see friends that I brought to their 1st Bolly X class love it so much that they’re now training to be instructors!)


7 thoughts on “Back Up Plan Time – Which Workouts Do You Recommend?

    • Thanks Jessie!

      I’ve only taken a boxfit class at The Ring (George Foreman’s son’s gym) but I really liked it. I’ll look up Redline Fight Sports to see their schedule & any deals.

  1. I absolutely love my kickboxing gym and getting a couple of kettle bells at varying weights for at-home exercises was the best thing I’ve ever done! They give you a whole-body workout that’s great!

    • Thanks Kate!

      Great job with your bootcamp & blog posts about it! You’re a rockstar.

      And as someone who worked out with your trainer – I know how hard it can be to keep up.

      Sweet Green & New Balance gave me fitness plans for next week but I’ll see what July classes I can drop in for. (Wait – where did summer go that July is so close?!)

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