Am I running again?

Falmouth Road Race is a beautiful 7 mile race in August, on Cape Cod.

I am the team captain for Dogs for Better Lives – through the number for nonprofits program.

I was NOT planning to run this race.

I have an idea though, if I raise $820, the minimum we require our runners to raise – I will run the race too. (Team captains can do that without taking a bib from our allotment)

If you want me to run, vote with your dollars!

Danielle’s Falmouth Road Race fundraising page

Dogs for Better Lives places hearing and Autism assistance dogs – at NO COST to the client.
That’s where my job fundraising comes in. The funds I raise keep client costs to $0.

Photo Blogging Challenge – Nine

The photo blogging challenge for March was Nine

I’m counting the weights to make this 9 but beautiful art making at the Discovery Museum in Acton
9 spokes on the boat steering wheel! Elise is having a wonderful time – also at Discovery Museum
Elise squeezes the 9th balloon powering this music machine at the Discovery Museum
Dad & daughter in wind machine as it hits 9 miles per hour – at Ecotarium in Worcester

It’s Autism Acceptance Month in April as I post this. Autism is neurodiversity – NOT a disease.

The need for order like the toys below can be one of the ways Autism presents.

9 toys lined up by Elise when she was playing

Last, here’s a bonus photo that in my mind fits the theme, but doesn’t really.

Humongous pigs larger than at least 9 piglets

The pigs are from Mass Audubon Drumlin Farm in Lincoln.

Looking forward to seeing what photos everyone else took!

Photo Blogging Challenge – Photographer Choice

The February photo blogging challenge was “photographer’s choice”

Open ended photo challenges are fun.

I approach by taking pictures for the month and see if a theme reveals itself.

I thought my theme would be “oh the places you go!”

I think it turned into “4 year old point of view”.

Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did taking them!

Elise runs towards adventure with Dad
Making muffins with Dad

This next photo just made me laugh. We let our daughter pick out 2 toys to bring with her on the car ride to school. Usually they’re mini stuffed animals. On this day, Elise grabbed the 2 largest stuffed animals she has.

Frog and Shark on the way to preschool

February in MA had quite a few snow storms.

Adventure girl loves to climb snow piles

We’re MA Audubon members and in late February, we visited Moose Hill in Sharon, MA.

Elise investigates moose antlers

Looking forward to seeing what everyone else came up with!

Boston Business Women

If you know me in real life, you know I’m someone who loves being a connector.

Join Boston Business Women with my link

One of the best networking groups I’ve found in MA is Boston Business Women

Before the pandemic, I’ve enjoyed their networking meals.

Here’s some of the BBW table when they met in Quincy!

With the pandemic, a ton of their training moved online and I appreciate that.

Women who have their own business have found customers through meetings and the huge Facebook group – Over 34,000 members!

Join Boston Business Women

I have used BBW for growing my fundraising consulting business, but also promoting the nonprofit I work in fundraising for, Dogs for Better Lives.

You know I love a good women’s network – but I will not recommend them unless they are welcoming.

Let me know if you have any questions!

If you join, please use my affiliate link, so they know I referred you.

Photo Blogging Challenge – Black and White

The photo blogging challenge for January was “black and white”. Here’s my view!

Owl art from my daughter
Turkey’s chilling

I like the white snow with the sledders lining up on the hill

Penguin rock art at our library
Snowed out view from a storm that dropped 30 inches of snow!

I have 2 bonus photos this month that I didn’t take but fit the theme so well, I’m including.

Future service dog – right now a puppy, enjoying a light snow on Cape Cod

My husband took this beach photo on MLK Jr. Day

Looking forward to seeing what others did with this challenge.

Photo Blogging Challenge – Holly Jolly

Well, I certainly have a lot of great photos to choose from for this December 2021 photo blogging challenge: Holly Jolly.

First, some fun news. My new years eve Instagram of the Boston Harbor Ice Sculpture Stroll won me a “staycation package”

Here’s the winning post:

Instagram Boston Harbor Ice Sculpture Stroll

Now, on to the photo blogging challenge. Let’s start with a unique to us photos.

One of our friends goes all out for Christmas decorations & this year he made stairs so the Christmas Village is viewable from outside! (COVID surge related reasons)

So here’s my daughter looking in at the Christmas Village and the sign inviting anyone to come see. Huge thanks to the Blue family for inviting us over!

Continuing with the theme of both unique and due to wonderful friends – the animal adventures at the home of my friend from high school, Jenn.

Jenn has “Christmas Giraffes” for lawn decorations!!!

Inside only got better! Jenn’s practically got an aquarium in her home!

Bearded Dragon
Crabs and fish for them to eat

Now, that would normally be where I stop, because I put up 5 photos. I’m still rolling with the jolly though because gosh darn it – I need positive in this pandemic scary!

Here’s 2 from meeting Santa at the Cape Codder Hotel

Oh lobster trap tree
Santa was impressive and really good with my daughter being autistic

One last photo – from Christmas Eve

This is my Dad being a proud Grandpa – reading a book to his granddaughter (my daughter)

Looking forward to scrolling through everyone else’s photo blogging posts.

Hope you had a Holly Jolly December and a wonderful 2022.

October Photo Blogging Challenge – Get out and play

How did October fly by?

My job is nonprofit fundraising and we’re about to head into the busiest season of donations in the whole year. (Good busy!)

The October Photo Blogging Challenge is “Get out and play!

October with a nearly 4 year old has us appreciating play. I have a wealth of photos to choose from that would fit the theme. The hard part is picking 5.

Playground – free for anyone to use

We celebrated cousin Georgette’s 3rd birthday at a park in Walpole. I was extremely impressed by all the ride on toys at the playground for kids to use. Elise tried out a few.


My daughter finds play everywhere. She loves arranging shells when we visit her grandparents who live on Cape Cod.

Pumpkin Push Up

On the Cape, the town of Chatham hosts “Pumpkin People in the Park” every October.

The displays are always wonderful, but not usually interactive like 2 were this year.

Above, my daughter attempts a “pumpkin push up”


You don’t need any event to play. Here’s my daughter enjoying running on the beach. Later in the day she pretended she was rescuing sea turtle eggs and some adults turned to look. I whispered “they’re imaginary” and the adults smiled and walked on.

Froggy for Halloween

This last picture was in Dorchester at the Pumpkin Parade.

After a fun night of trick or treating and seeing family who were volunteering – Elise and Daddy walk back to the car. I liked her light up shoes and glow bracelet adding to this one.

So there you have my 5 photos.

Looking forward to seeing the other posts from those in the photo blogging challenge.

Photo Blogging Challenge – It’s Your World

The theme for September’s photo blogging challenge was “It’s Your World”

September is National Service Dog Month.

Since I work in fundraising for a nonprofit that trains service dogs for the Deaf and Autistic, I hosted a few “Barks and Brews” fundraisers at local breweries.

Fountain in Quincy Center

I walk by this fountain often, about a 5 minute walk from my home.

Beautiful boardwalk

On Smithsonian Free Museum Day my family visited the Rhode Island Audubon. There’s a nice museum on the natural environment and then miles of beautiful walking trails.

Squash at Quincy Farmers Market

I’m a huge fan of the Quincy Farmers Market & I helped plan their 40th anniversary celebration.

The 40th anniversary celebration for Quincy Farmers Market was on the USS Salem and it was a lobster clambake. The food was amazing and the company quite fun.

So there’s a glimpse into what “my world” looked like in September.

Looking forward to seeing everyone else’s photos.

Photo Blogging Challenge – Adventure

I’m late again for the Photo Blogging Challenge, but here’s August’s “Adventure

I started a new job in August, and that’s an adventure I’m adoring.

I’m the northeast fundraising manager for Dogs for Better Lives. They train service dogs for the Deaf and Autistic.

Here’s my office set up

My family and I went to the first annual Cape Cod Pirate Festival and it was so much fun

This preformer was impressive
I liked this library display about Cape Cod, one of our favorite adventure spots
Space bunny at her first Chatham Band concert

Better late than never! Hope you enjoyed my photos!

Photo Blogging Challenge – Happy

The theme for the July photo blogging challenge was “Happy”

Boy do I have a lot of options to choose from with July photos!

In non photo news, I have a new job fundraising for an organization who trains service dogs for Deaf adults and Autistic children. I’m 2 weeks into the job and am loving it, but that delayed blogging. Oops.

Fried clams after walking on Wollaston Beach make me happy!
This is the toy my daughter got for registering for the kids summer reading challenge

Dandy Lion made both me & my daughter happy.

On July 4th weekend we went to the Springfield Museum complex – all 3 of us were happy
Here’s my daughter building in the Dr. Seuss Museum
Street art makes me happy
I discovered this mural in Quincy, MA when I was walking to the farmers market
My family went to the Barnstable County Fair and the only reason I wanted to go was to see the dog show! It made me so happy.

So there are my July submissions with 1 bonus photo.

Looking forward to seeing everyone else’s photo challenge posts & hopefully being more timely in September with my August photo post.