ZOOMA Cape Cod 2018


ZOOMA Cape Cod 2018 Ambassadors

I had an amazing time running ZOOMA Cape Cod 10K!

It was my first 10K and I finished in just under 2 hours.

Running/Walking with all women was so empowering and I made an awesome new friend from Texas!



The course was beautiful – very scenic – throughout Falmouth.


I’d recommend ZOOMA to any lady runners. So glad I raced!


I also had the best cheer squad on the race course – my daughter & husband!

The first picture is me running over shouting “That’s my baby!!!”

Personal Training

I’ve hired a personal trainer to help me get back to a fitness routine.
I’m super excited because the trainer is my friend Jess Lanzoni.


Me & Jess post November Project workout on my birthday in August 2014.

My first workout with Jess as my personal trainer was Wednesday.

It was a great first session – setting goals and then getting in baseline fitness levels.

I ran a little over a 1/2 mile in 12 minutes – so one of my goals is to work on that speed till I feel comfortable running for most of the ZOOMA 10K in late September.

I haven’t been on a scale since my daughter was born. She’s 6 months old now. I estimated my weight over 20 pounds higher than it turned out to be when I stepped on a scale at the gym! I’m happy that I’m back under 200 pounds. I did not set any weight loss related goals because I want to get back to feeling fit again.

Another of my goals is to work on my cardio endurance so I don’t feel winded when I push a stroller up hills during hikes or when I return to November Project Friday hill workouts.

I was proud of my performance on baseline arm strength related tests. Carrying around a 14 pound child daily got my arm muscles in shape more than I’d realized.

I look forward to great workouts and checking in here to share progress updates.

Fundraising for RACE Cancer Foundation

I’ve written here before about being on the board of RACE Cancer Foundation.

On Wednesday morning, I had the privilege of touring a cancer research lab at Mass General Hospital that got funds from RACE Cancer Foundation.

Thank you to Dr. Nabeel Bardeesy for the presentation on your work and tour of the lab.

It’s very cutting edge work that could end up curing Cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer). They’ve already discovered that cancers that have an “unknown primary site” are most often actually this type of cancer.

I’m fundraising for RACE Cancer Foundation: https://www.crowdrise.com/race-cancer-foundation/fundraiser/daniellekempe

Will you support me with a donation?
Thanks to donors like you, RACE Cancer Foundation can support research and supply free sunscreen in hopes of preventing sun exposure caused cancers.

Thanks to everyone who’s already donated for bringing me to 25% of my fundraising goal raised!

Race Cancer 25%

Ditching the Diet, Healthy is Sexy: Nutrition Workshops

My friend Laura wrote a book on nutrition that launched in paperback the week of the Boston Marathon. (Some of you know Laura as the DJ for November Project Boston.)


She’s hosting some free workshops in Boston called Ditching the Diet, Healthy is Sexy: Nutrition Workshops on May 11, May 18, June 1, & June 8.

I’ve already registered for all 4 workshops and I encourage you do the same!

Here’s what I wrote in a Goodreads review of Laura’s book:

Laura nails the argument that healthy is much more important than skinny.

I’m a woman in my 30s that’s successfully dieted, but never kept the weight off in the long run.

Thank you to Laura for writing exactly what I needed to hear to stop blaming myself for my body size and focus on health instead.

Will I see you at the workshops?

Also, if you’re interested in reading Laura’s book, the Kindle version will be free for five days starting tomorrow, 5/5.

Marathon Weekend in Boston

I love marathon weekend in Boston!

The energy and excitement is pulsing through the city.

This year, I staffed the Runner’s World booth at the Boston Marathon Expo on Friday & Saturday before the marathon.


Me & Nick staffing the booth while Bart Yasso signs his book to our right


Grabbed a photo before the expo opened on Saturday


Books for sale – including November Project the book!

I had a great time staffing the booth – selling books, meeting authors, chatting with marathon runners & their families.

On Saturday night, I attended the book launch party for November Project and got the 3 authors to sign the book.

Sunday, I went to a Red Sox game with my Dad. (I bought him tickets for a Christmas present.) The people honored throughout the game were marathon runners and survivors of the 2013 bombing. The pre-game ceremonies had me crying.


Dad & me

Monday, my husband & I cheered just before mile 25 of the marathon. The cheering crowd is a huge part of what makes marathon running in Boston so epic. If a runner has their name written on them on race day, the crowd will cheer their name. This also works with the name of the charity team their running for, or in my case, losing your mind for any runners with November Project gear.

I think my best photo from the day though was when a guy running the marathon stopped to kiss his wife in the crowd before running on.

marathon 2016

Congrats to all the runners out on the course on Monday. You are all amazing!

I’m Still Standing

I mentioned in my photo blogging challenge post for January that 2016 hasn’t been kind to me. I was laid off from a job and also dealt with some health issues.

The health issues continued into February, culminating with a surgery last Saturday.

After the surgery, I was told I could not exercise for a full week.

I’m in the approved zone now, but I’m scared.

What will it be like to be back working out after months off?

Will I be mad at myself if I am only able to climb a few sections of stairs very slowly?

I know my friends at November Project will literally welcome me back with open arms and lots of hugs, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to be back yet.

Right now, I’m taking it hour by hour – but I feel like I’ve turned a corner recovery wise to feel like I should put myself back out there workout wise.

Photo Blogging Challenge – Morning

The theme for the November photo blogging challenge was “Morning”.

I came up with photos I liked for this challenge.


This first image is a view of the Boston city crest, taken as I left the Boston public garden to go to an early morning meeting 

Sunrise NP 2

This is a photo of the sun rising over a November Project Wednesday AM workout. All November Project workouts start with the leaders shouting “Good Morning” at the crowd.


I like to take it easy on weekend mornings. This photo is of “Craig’s Benedict” at Craig’s Cafe – my favorite breakfast place in Quincy, MA


 I continue the lazy weekend morning by going to the Thomas Crane Library in Quincy.

I’m spoiled to have such a beautiful library in walking distance from my house. I’ve been binge reading mystery series by Rhys Bowen lately, so I stop by the library multiple times a week to pick up/return books.


This last one is a float in the Quincy Christmas Parade on 11/29. I think of it as picturing Christmas morning.

I’m also spoiled that I have 2 parades a year that have a route directly under my condo balcony (Christmas & Flag Day) so that’s how I get the photos from above.

This monthly photo blogging challenge is facilitated by PJ of the Northeast Bloggers Network.

Thanks for inspiring me to take more photos!

November Project – Cold 11/18


My husband joined me at November Project Boston this morning to climb some stairs at Harvard Stadium.

I was super happy. I’ve been working out with NP for over 2 years, but this was the first time my husband joined me for a Wednesday NP workout.

It was cold. The weather report on the drive in said 28 degrees.

We were bundled up and ready – so I thought.

Got to NP OK. Bounced, hugged, and attended the Newbie meeting.

I started climbing with my husband and I wasn’t doing well. Coughing a lot, due to still not being over a cold.

But my husband fared worse than me. I was afraid the drive home was going to turn into a drive to the ER.

I’m blaming it on the cold temperature, but my husband felt horrible. He described it as feeling like his “lungs and heart were on fire”. I think that his asthma acted up. He hasn’t had asthma symptoms as an adult, so he didn’t even think of it as a possible problem.

We left after climbing 3 sections.

Once we got home, he could catch his breath again, but he gave me quite a scare.

I’m disappointed, since this was NOT the outcome I expected when he finally joined me for NP stair climbing.

#FitnessFail for us. 😦

November Project – Better Than Bedtime – Boston


On Sunday evening, November Project had a workout called “Better Than Bedtime“. We would meet at Harvard Stadium at 4:54 PM, bounce and welcome everyone, then run to an undisclosed location for an after-party.

My husband joined me for this adventure!


Dave & I post run – waiting to enter the party

We decided to be part of the one mile run group.

We ended up working out a bit with the injury deck group before heading on our run.


We met up with those running the 3-5 mile route on the way. The final destination was a huge dance party at POP Allston (Converse building).

I’m amused at how my husband described the party:

Thank you to November Project Boston for being amazing and hosting such a fun workout/night out!

Want to get a feel for what the evening was like? Check out the video below from Scott Goergen:

What are you doing on Sunday? November Project Better Than Bedtime


Hey awesome friends that live in any of these 26 cities that have a November Project tribe!

What are you doing on Sunday?

You should join us for November Project Better Than Bedtime.

Better Than Bedtime is a run-to-social put on by November Project in all 26 cities in North America. The idea is simple: Meet in some random part of town dressed in the theme gear. Run, as a group (2-5 miles) to a destination that nobody in the tribe knows. That’s right, this will be a follow-the-leader situation. Once you and your tribe arrive to this pre-arranged bar/house party/location, we’ll all raise a glass to your Co-Leaders and fellow members of your November Project tribe for working as hard as we all do each week (all while 25 other cities are doing the same thing on the exact same night all around the continent).

Has your excuse been NP meets too early for you? You’re in luck! On Sunday, November 8th, we meet at 4:54 PM!

Here are the details on the Boston Better Than Bedtime event.

WHAT: A social run to a hidden/secret party as the destination. You’ll have no clue where you’re going. Party & socialize with your tribe. Look weird the whole time. Simple. We call this event Better Than Bedtime.

WHEN: Sunday, November 8th.  We will bounce at section 37 at 4:54pm.

  • The social will go from 6-9pm.  There will be beer, wine, and water.

WEAR: The general theme for the 2015 Better Than Bedtime event in all 26 cities is “black & white.” The Boston specific theme is “yin & yang.” Get inspired, get creative, just get dressed up, costumed up…everyone will be doing it and you won’t regret it.  Go solo, find a two-sie, group it up, whatever your pleasure.

WHERE: Meet at section 37 of Harvard Stadium.  You know, the same place we meet every Wednesday morning.

I’m going to take part in the short run option.

  • Can run, but not that far?: Anyone who can run up to a mile, still meet at Harvard.  We will then tell you a meeting spot that you will go to from the stadium and the run group will meet you there for the last 1 mile.

Will you join me? Now is the perfect time to join in the NP awesomeness and weirdness!

I promise you’ll have a great time!