Photo Blogging Challenge – Morning

The theme for the November photo blogging challenge was “Morning”.

I came up with photos I liked for this challenge.


This first image is a view of the Boston city crest, taken as I left the Boston public garden to go to an early morning meeting 

Sunrise NP 2

This is a photo of the sun rising over a November Project Wednesday AM workout. All November Project workouts start with the leaders shouting “Good Morning” at the crowd.


I like to take it easy on weekend mornings. This photo is of “Craig’s Benedict” at Craig’s Cafe – my favorite breakfast place in Quincy, MA


 I continue the lazy weekend morning by going to the Thomas Crane Library in Quincy.

I’m spoiled to have such a beautiful library in walking distance from my house. I’ve been binge reading mystery series by Rhys Bowen lately, so I stop by the library multiple times a week to pick up/return books.


This last one is a float in the Quincy Christmas Parade on 11/29. I think of it as picturing Christmas morning.

I’m also spoiled that I have 2 parades a year that have a route directly under my condo balcony (Christmas & Flag Day) so that’s how I get the photos from above.

This monthly photo blogging challenge is facilitated by PJ of the Northeast Bloggers Network.

Thanks for inspiring me to take more photos!

17 thoughts on “Photo Blogging Challenge – Morning

  1. After seeing some inside shots of your historic library a month or two back, I’m very happy to see an exterior photograph, too. What a lovely building.

    Thanks for sharing a few glimpses of your morning routine in Boston.

  2. Not spoiled….blessed! I think I’d spend all my free time at that library either reading of photographing it. Love the ironwork on the gate too. Great shots all around to portray morning in your world.

    • Thanks Kathy!
      Yes, it is inspiring to run the steps. There’s 37 sections total, and I usually get in about 20.
      The November Project workout group is wicked friendly too. We start every workout with hugs. 🙂

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