Black Lives Matter Quincy

Like most of the USA, my city of Quincy, MA is disheartened by the repeated news of black people being killed at the hands of police. Different names – same senseless deaths!

On Tuesday night, some of my friends in Quincy Neighbors Mutual Aid & March Forward Quincy planned what they thought would be a small vigil with maybe 25 attending.

4,000+ of us showed up – nearly all wearing masks

The vigil and march stayed peaceful.

My husband, daughter, & I were amongst the attendees. I was pleased to see many other families there as well.

Here are some photos I took of the vigil and march

Sign saying “Black Lives Matter in Quincy too”
Large crowd beginning to gather
Black Lives Matter in front of the statue of John Adams
Businesses feared violence and boarded up (didn’t happen)
My husband holding our daughter
Taking a knee to honor George Floyd
Koch is the Mayor of Quincy and that’s sadly a direct quote on the sign – specifically said about the vigil/march the sign was being held in!
Silence is compliance

Photo Blogging Challenge – Keeping Busy


The May photo blogging challenge was “Keeping Busy

I hope you are safe and well during this pandemic and can think about things like keeping busy. (Please ask for help if you’re in survival mode. No shame in taking help!)

1) New job

As I mentioned in my last post, in March I got a new job as Director of Development at a nonprofit that educates science teachers. It’s a part time role.


My daughter wanted my necklace when I was dressed up for a Zoom call for work

2) Caring for my daughter

Everyone in MA is working from home right now and I’m no exception.

Here’s what we do for fun on days off


Just like other toddlers my daughter is confused about the mask wearing but is getting better about keeping her mask on

3) Support Local Businesses

I’m lucky to have a job when so many don’t right now.

I have been trying to get take out from local restaurants at least once a week.


Craig’s Cafe has a hand painted “Thank You” to essential workers and the window next door has “Quincy Strong”

4) Stop to enjoy the beauty

I love my city of Quincy, MA.


Quincy Common isn’t normally this empty but the view made me smile

5) Continuing education


I’m a Nonprofit Leadership Lab Ambassador (and super fan)

In nonprofit fundraiser, there is a professional certification called Certified Fund-Raising Executive (CFRE).

I’ve got enough work and educational experience so now I have to pay the fee and take the certification test.

I’ve been studying a lot to be ready for the test – both webinars, study guides, and books.


Screenshot from a webinar on storytelling with a point I found particularly useful

I hope you’re all staying well and look forward to clicking through the other photoblogging challenge posts!

This monthly photo blogging challenge is facilitated by PJ of the Northeast Bloggers Network.