Photo Blogging Challenge – Two

The March Photo Blogging Theme is “Two” in honor of the 2nd anniversary of the challenge.

I’ve had fun with the theme this month!


I like the mixed-messages (2) from this sign on a door in my condo basement.

(One side was worried about pipes freezing in the cold & the other about adhering to fire code.)


2 frog statues buried in the snow – Boston tadpole playground – very close to the frog pond ice skating rink


Here are my 2 badges for PAX East 2015


A delicious Panera Bread “You Pick 2” dinner


Motivation & hydration from the Essentia Fitness event!

This monthly photo blogging challenge is facilitated by PJ of the Northeast Bloggers Network.

Thanks for inspiring me to take more photos!


SBS Soccer 3/29

Social Boston Sports

Indoor Soccer

We faced a team last night that should have been in the intermediate, not novice league, but they joined the novice league because there was space in it when intermediate filled. (Bad form other team!)

We were crushed, 13- 4, but at least it wasn’t a shut out.

I actually did my job playing defense. I felt good out there and wasn’t afraid to go after the ball (like I normally am).

When I got home, I found my teammate Jess had messaged me “I just wanted to tell you how amazing you were out there today!!! You made great contact with the ball on multiple occasions, and player fantastic defense! Way to go!!!”

Now, I definitely wasn’t “amazing” but it felt good to contribute to the team instead of fearing I’ll be a liability that does something to mess us up.

Next week there’s no soccer, since it’s Easter. I’ll be back playing 4/12, for our 2nd to last game of the season.

It feels like the season flew by.

Thanks to my awesome teammates for making me feel so welcome & encouraging my improvement.


Meanwhile, in MA…

Winter just will not leave!

This is a photo from the slushy snow storm on Saturday (that lasted most of the day):

Quincy, MA snow

The one good thing about the storm is it scared people away from going out, so my husband & I were able to get a seat at our favorite breakfast place, Craig’s Cafe.

I took the picture from inside.

Bloggers at the Barre

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of joining a group of bloggers at Simply Barre for my 1st ever barre class at a barre studio.

Since this is the winter that just doesn’t end, it was snowing when I drove to and from class (even though it’s technically spring).

My goal for the class was just to not hurt anyone if I fell. (I didn’t fall or hurt myself any other way. Victory!)

Simply BarreEmpty studio before class begins

Blury Barre selfieBlurry selfie

100_2641[1]I had a great time & enjoyed the workout. The movements may be small, but you definitely feel the muscles working. I’m very glad I withheld judgement on Barre as a workout until I could try it in a studio.

After class, we had a delicious lunch from Paleo Life!

100_2640[1]Thank you to Simply Barre for hosting us!

Essentia & Awake Boston Fitness Event

I had a wonderful workout on Saturday morning at Brooklyn Boulders thanks to Essentia Water & Awake Boston!

I arrived bright & early (7:30 AM) at Brooklyn Boulders in Somerville. I was looking to a fun day & different workouts.

As soon as I arrived, I saw my friend Erica, blogger of Boston Rookie, which was a very nice surprise.

Here’s a picture of the 2 of us from the day:

Erica - Boston Rookie & Danielle - Getting Fit in MA The workout was structured to begin with a bootcamp high intensity style workout lead by Sarah Fit. Sarah recognized me from taking her High Intensity Workout class in January at Urban Outfitters. That made me smile. (I’m an avid reader of her blog too.) Her workout was intense but over within 30 minutes.


Painted on the wall of Brooklyn Boulders

I love that Brooklyn Boulders was the space chosen to host this event. (It’s a rock climbing gym in Somerville.) I’ve been to Brooklyn Boulders before as part of a Social Boston Sports Fit League, Yelp Boston learn to climb event, and even a party with Yelp Boston. As you can see from the mural above, it’s a very fun & motivating space.

Next, we were asked to flip our mats around & the front of the room became the back of the room. I was a bit disappointed with this change because it swapped me to the back of the workout room & I had difficulty hearing the last 2 instructors.


My new view – during the nutrition talk

We heard nutritionist, Lauren Mayer, speak about nutrition & hydration. (We were all set with the 2nd thanks to Essentia!)

Then, Jennifer Phelan lead a pilates class. I’ve never taken a class lead by Jennifer before but she’s well known in the fitness community & I’d heard great things! Other than a mic problem making hard for me to hear her instruction, I enjoyed the class.

Finally, we had a yoga session lead by Cara Gilman. Again, the mic was tough to hear, but I decided to just go with the spirit of yoga and relax.

I thought about how lucky I am to live in a state with such an active fitness community. Across the room that morning you could see people working out in November Project shirts. Awake Boston hosts a morning fitness rave with yoga & dancing every few months! We have an extremely active running community – with many training for the Boston Marathon. Then there’s Sweetgreen’s Passport program bringing free fitness classes every month! And finally the blogger community hosting fitness based meet ups! I think that environment of love for being healthy & fit is vital to being able to write this blog. Thank you MA for welcoming me into your amazing fitness community!


Thank you Essentia Water, Awake Boston, Brooklyn Boulders, and all the instructors for a wonderful morning!