SBS Soccer 3/29

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Indoor Soccer

We faced a team last night that should have been in the intermediate, not novice league, but they joined the novice league because there was space in it when intermediate filled. (Bad form other team!)

We were crushed, 13- 4, but at least it wasn’t a shut out.

I actually did my job playing defense. I felt good out there and wasn’t afraid to go after the ball (like I normally am).

When I got home, I found my teammate Jess had messaged me “I just wanted to tell you how amazing you were out there today!!! You made great contact with the ball on multiple occasions, and player fantastic defense! Way to go!!!”

Now, I definitely wasn’t “amazing” but it felt good to contribute to the team instead of fearing I’ll be a liability that does something to mess us up.

Next week there’s no soccer, since it’s Easter. I’ll be back playing 4/12, for our 2nd to last game of the season.

It feels like the season flew by.

Thanks to my awesome teammates for making me feel so welcome & encouraging my improvement.



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