Without Walls High Intensity Workout

On Saturday, I took a snowy drive from Quincy to Cambridge to attend Sarah Fit‘s Without Walls High Intensity Workout at Urban Outfitters in Harvard Square.

1.24.15Instructor Sarah – awesome post workout samples from Pure Cocobeet, Health Warrior, Pure Maple Water 

me & 2 other participants holding Pure Cocobeet

The work out built on teaching us moves, then repeating them before adding another move in the cycle.

My quad muscles have been aching ever since the class, so it’s a little funny to see me trying to walk around my office today.

It was a hard workout for me, but worth it.

I definitely had a moment in class – just after getting very dizzy & seeing spots after jumping up too quickly after a burpee – were I felt like I didn’t belong in the class. I told my mind to stop feeling like an imposter, took a beat to rest, but then jumped back into the workout. I’m proud of myself for snapping out of the negative self talk so quickly & not giving up on the workout.

One other cute thing offered at the class was they took Polaroids of us.

Here I am, proudly rocking my pink November Project tagged shirt:

1.24.15_meI’m glad I didn’t let the snow stop me from getting a workout in. The class had 60 people registered, but it looked like only about 16 actually showed up.


2 thoughts on “Without Walls High Intensity Workout

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