2 Nights of Climbing at Brooklyn Boulders in Somerville

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I took my 1st & second trip to the rock climbing gym Brooklyn Boulders in Somerville this week.

The trip Wednesday night was part of Social Boston Sports Fit League at Brooklyn Boulders. Honestly, I was a little disappointed Wednesday night that it was only rock climbing. I was afraid that when Fit League changed it’s location from Boston Athletic Club it would no longer be like the other boot camp type trainings SBS Fit Leagues were in the past. So far, that seems to be the case, but I’m hoping next week things get changed up a little. We’ll see.

I’m afraid of heights. That’s a big reason why I didn’t sign up for SBS Fit League at Brooklyn Boulders when it was announced. I actually ended up winning a spot in the group through a Facebook contest.

So, Wednesday night on the rock wall was pretty scary for me, but I stuck with it. I was working on the auto belay wall, which meant I was clipped in to a cord attached to the top of the wall, not being held on a rope by a person.

The Spiderman mural on the wall of the gym made me smile.


My arms and legs were sore by Thursday morning, and I was annoyed that my Weight Watchers active link didn’t record a point for rock climbing. At the boot camp style SBS Fit Leagues I’d earn at least 2 WW activity points a night.

Thursday night was Yelp Boston’s Learn the Ropes class.

My husband Dave joined me for the class and we worked on top roping. That means one person had a rope tied into their harness and the other person held the rope to take up slack as they climbed, catch them if they fall, and lower them off the wall when they’re finished climbing.

I had much more fun with Dave with me and our instructor – Kevin – was great! He was wonderful at explaining exactly what we need to do and hands on if you needed it. (Like when I couldn’t figure out why my rope knots weren’t right, he guided my hand to tie it correctly – which made me actually learn!) He also dealt with my fear of heights like a champ.

I climbed a little, but still didn’t feel comfortable going too far up the rock wall. Dave on the other hand made it all the way to the top of a rock wall downstairs. He’s colorblind, so he didn’t even have help from the tape on the wall suggesting routes, because the tape colors were too close, so he couldn’t tell the difference. I was so proud of him!

He’s a sweet guy and he insists on saying “We made it all the way to the top!” since I was holding his rope to keep him safe and lowered him when he was done.

I got 2 WW activity points for last night. (Before the class, I had to staff a volunteer fair for my work, so standing at that booth was probably what earned me 1 of the points.)

I’m still not comfortable rock climbing, but I’ll be back at Brooklyn Boulders on Monday.

Here’s a photo of the Yelp Boston group:

Yelp Boston Learn the Ropes at BKB Somerville

Yelp Boston Learn the Ropes


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