Work Has Been Keeping Me Busy

I’ve mentioned before on this blog that my job is fundraising for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

That definitely keeps me busy.

If you watch my instagram feed, you may have noticed that the CFF MA/RI Chapter Annual Dinner event was last Thursday night.

I staffed the Great Strides (walk) table.

My Great Strides display at the CFF MA chapter annual dinner #cysticfibrosis

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By the end of the night, my Fitbit had counted 7,681 steps which equals 3.21 miles of walking!

Here’s another fun picture of me from that night:

Me – staffing the CFF MA annual dinner #cysticfibrosis

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Sadly, my car broke down on the way home. AAA towed me & the car back to Quincy but I didn’t get home till about 12:30 AM. (I’d started my work day at 8:30 AM at our Natick office.)

My car’s been repaired and I used it Saturday night to drive to Lawrence, MA to staff a comedy night fundraiser for one of my Great Strides Wakefield teams. I took my husband with me, because he was afraid of a repeat of me being stranded in a broken down car, late at night.

I’m looking forward to getting a lot of walking in this weekend, when I visit the PAX East (video game expo) with my husband.


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