Fitness on Vacation

In Mid-January, my husband & I took a trip to Grapevine, Texas.

I had a great time exploring historic Grapevine while my husband attended a conference for work.

Here’s a quick photo run down of how I got in fitness & fun, while traveling!


Jogging around the hotel – with Texas flag behind me


My workout clothes rep – November Project

100_2254 100_2255 100_2256

views from the jog


Walking around Grapevine


I should watch where I stand in the blacksmith shop


Bonnie & Clyde robbed this bank


Quick stop in Dallas for The Marvel Experience (very fun & interactive)

Photo Blogging Challenge – Games

I’ve participated in a Photo Blogging Challenge this month, facilitated by PJ of the Northeast Bloggers Network. The theme for January was “games”. My in-laws like to have family game nights, so I thought of the board games we play there. 100_2213


Just a sampling of the game collection at my in-laws house


One of the games we played this month was the “Seafarers” expansion for Settlers of Catan



Seafarers game in progress – popcorn optional, but delicious

So there you have it – my 5 January photos!

I enjoyed the challenge, because it got me back in the habit of taking photos with a digital camera, rather than my phone.

I’m looking forward to future photo blogging! Thanks to PJ for creating the challenges!

What #NoExcuses Means to Me

No ExcusesSweat Pink asked us to write about what “No Excuses” means to us, and why I joined they challenge.

For me, it’s something I referenced in my last post, getting over my feelings of “not belonging” in a workout group and just getting the workout in.

I find the biggest obstacle l in my way is often just my own negative thoughts.

I don’t have any excuse why I shouldn’t keep working on improving myself in this fitness journey.

So, no excuses has been my rallying cry to just put one foot in front of the other and get the work in.

Without Walls High Intensity Workout

On Saturday, I took a snowy drive from Quincy to Cambridge to attend Sarah Fit‘s Without Walls High Intensity Workout at Urban Outfitters in Harvard Square.

1.24.15Instructor Sarah – awesome post workout samples from Pure Cocobeet, Health Warrior, Pure Maple Water 

me & 2 other participants holding Pure Cocobeet

The work out built on teaching us moves, then repeating them before adding another move in the cycle.

My quad muscles have been aching ever since the class, so it’s a little funny to see me trying to walk around my office today.

It was a hard workout for me, but worth it.

I definitely had a moment in class – just after getting very dizzy & seeing spots after jumping up too quickly after a burpee – were I felt like I didn’t belong in the class. I told my mind to stop feeling like an imposter, took a beat to rest, but then jumped back into the workout. I’m proud of myself for snapping out of the negative self talk so quickly & not giving up on the workout.

One other cute thing offered at the class was they took Polaroids of us.

Here I am, proudly rocking my pink November Project tagged shirt:

1.24.15_meI’m glad I didn’t let the snow stop me from getting a workout in. The class had 60 people registered, but it looked like only about 16 actually showed up.

#SweatPink #NoExcuses Challenge – Friends Who Embody #NoExcuses

No ExcusesIn honor of week two of our #SweatPink #NoExcuses Challenge, we’re asking you to help us spread a little love and light into the lives of your fellow Sweaties.

We challenge you to write a blog post nominating two people who LIVE #NoExcuses every day. There are no hard-written rules; they just have to be people who kick butt, in your opinion, and embody #NoExcuses.

When I saw the writing prompt above, 2 friends immediately came to mind.

They’re fitness badasses but also 2 of the kindest people you’ll ever meet!

Both  are active in November Project & they’ve coached me in my own fitness journey.

Jess Lanzoni

Jess 1Jess is the person who got me to join November Project & encouraged me to run my 1st 5K.

We met through Social Boston Sports Fit League.

She embodies “No Excuses” to me since she’s always there to show up to help others. Every week, she runs with Back on My Feet Boston.

She has run the Boston Marathon as a charity runner. In 2014 she ran for Tufts Medical Center & this year she’s running for Back on My Feet Boston.

She was a part of One Run for Boston.

No matter how slow I was moving, she has been one of my biggest cheerleaders. She encourages me to break PRs and will go on training runs with me to get me there.

Alan Scherer

AlanI met Alan when Jess brought him along to our runs with Social Boston Sports.

He’s wicked fast & strong – but he was willing to coach me when I could barely run for more than a minute straight.

He’s also a photographer (Alan Scherer Photography)  and he shares that talent to benefit others too. He’s donated art to friends who are fundraising & donated his time as a photographer at events like One Run for Boston’s check presentation.

He’s the guy who gave me words of wisdom when back pain sidelined me this year.

(I was finally recovering, but my car was rear ended on Sunday night – and with that, some of the back pain has returned.)

Thank you to Jess & Alan for being great friends and supporters of my fitness journey!

30 Day Realistic Resolution Challenge & a Giveaway

Disclosure:  I was sent complimentary Gorton’s products in exchange for my review.

The opinions expressed are completely my own.

Gorton's 1

Gorton's Blogger Giveaway

I’ve signed up for the 30 Day Realistic Resolution Challenge. Want to join me? Sign up at

What I like about the Realistic Resolution Challenge is the tasks are easy enough to complete, but add up to a big difference. For example, day 2 is drink more water. (I keep a 17 oz. refillable tumbler on my desk at work next to my computer, to remind myself to keep drinking water.)


For the day 3 challenge – “go fish” – I added Gorton’s Simply Grilled Salmon to a salad mix for a quick lunch at work.

It was delicious!

Initially, I was skeptical that frozen fish that was then microwaved could actually taste good – but to my surprise it did.

The seasoning on the fish wasn’t overpowering, so I could add a balsamic dressing & tie the whole meal together.


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When Plans Get Broken


I was very optimistic about 2015 when I made plans for this year.

Well, sometimes life gets in the way.

I’ve been dealing with some very painful back, neck, and shoulder blade muscle spasms.

On Saturday, instead of picking up my Frozen 5 K race #, I was at an urgent care center getting my neck x-rayed.

I couldn’t run the 5K on Sunday & I’ve taken 2 sick days from work this week due to the pain.

I’m going to miss November Project & Cardio Tap on Wednesday.

My husband asked the doctor if the spasms could be caused my my workout routines, but the doctor says he suspects under-use of the muscles caused the spasms. (I don’t have any good story for what I did to cause it – sorry guys!)

I shared my frustrations on Facebook and my wise friend Alan said, “Life throws curve balls, so sit back wait on it then hit it out the ball park!”

Thanks Alan! That’s exactly what I needed to hear right now.

Flywheel Spin Class on January 1st

Fly 2015

On January 1st, I started 2015 off right with a 60 minute class at Flywheel in Boston.

The instructor, Catherine, was very motivating. Her playlist of “best songs of 2014” helped me power through when songs that reminded me of November Project played. (Turn Down for What & Uptown Funk)

Here are my stats for the class:

Fly1.1.15I have a 6 classes pre-paid for Flywheel Boston, so I plan to work in spin classes in my workout routine for early 2015. (The classes expire March 1st.)

I know some of my readers are also Flywheel fans – so let me know if you’d like to attend a class together!

(My schedule works best after 7 PM on weekdays or anytime on weekends.) Depending on the timing, I’d be open to grabbing a bite to eat after.