Honored to be a “Healthy Chick”



I am honored to be featured as a “Healthy Chick in the Community” on the Healthy Chicks blog.

Head on over to the Healthy Chicks blog to read the full piece.

Thank you to Rachel for thinking of me!


Photo Blogging Challenge – Closeup

The theme for October was “closeup”.

I ended up going literal with the theme and just took some closeup photos.


Pumpkins from a Columbus Day Weekend trip to Maine


Wood pile from a Columbus Day Weekend trip to Maine


Flower arrangement at a conference I staffed for work in late October


Potpourri from the lobby of my condo complex


Adorable moose figurine at the cottage we rented in Maine

Bonus photo:


Readers that followed my winter photo challenge will recognize this one!

What do you think? Did I do OK with the theme this month?

I’m looking forward to seeing what other photo blogging challenge participants posted for their photos.

This monthly photo blogging challenge is facilitated by PJ of the Northeast Bloggers Network.

Thanks for inspiring me to take more photos!

Progressive Blogger Dinner at Bel Ari and Les Zygomates

Thanks to Blog & Tweet Boston, I attended a complementary progressive dinner at Bel Ari and Les Zygomates in the South Station/Leather District are of Boston in early October.

Both restaurants are owned by Mark Tosi, President of Pastene Co. (The only tomatoes that my family buys for sauce are always Pastene.) Mark was there to greet us and stayed to intro the meals at both locations. It was a real treat for me to meet him, since my family is loyal fans of Pastene brand products.


Mark and I at Les Zygomates

2015-10-08 19.32.32

Decor at Bel Ari

There were delicious menus just for us offered at both restaurants.


At Bel Ari, I tried both appetizers, Whipped Ricotta with honey, pistachio, sunflower cranberry bread (amazing!), Arancini vand an entree of Shrimp & Lobster Gnocchi. I’d order all the items again! I’d never had ricotta and honey before, so that was a tasty discovery! (I’m a sweet & savory fan.)

2015-10-08 18.45.10


2015-10-08 19.14.36

Shrimp & Lobster Gnocchi



Table photo at Les Zygomates

At Les Zygomates, I ate the pistachio crusted sea bass and apple Napoleon.


pistachio crusted sea bass


apple Napoleon

There was a live jazz band playing at Les Zygomates as well, that added to the atmosphere.

Huge thank you to Bel Ari and Les Zygomates for hosting us and Blog & Tweet Boston for organizing the night out!

New Balance Girls Night Out Boston – Knock Out Breast Cancer

NBGNO 10.15

The October New Balance Girls Night Out Boston is always an emotional one for me.

Breast Cancer stole my Great-Aunt Bobbie away.

I didn’t get much time with Auntie Bobbie but I think I get my love of advertising (she lived Mad Men) and the Red Sox from her.

I think of her often and hope she’s proud of me.

This particular workout was MCed by Sherri from Fit Fun Flavor.

The workouts were lead by Kick it by Eliza and Susan Reardon.

Here’s what I said about both workouts in my Dunwello review:

Eliza taught a free kick it session in Copley Square as part of New Balance’s Girls Night Out program on 10/15. I was an attendee and was inspired by Eliza’s energy. We were moving the entire class! Eliza would often leave the stage to stand next to women working out and either hold her hands out for fighters to punch or do the moves right next to the women in the class. It was very motivating. The class seemed appropriate for both newbies and veterans.

Susan was one of the trainers for New Balance Girls Night Out Boston, for the “Kick Breast Cancer” theme. I was really impressed. Even thought this was a free class, she still spent time making sure to teach proper form for the boxing moves we were doing. I felt like I was getting an education in fighting skills along with the workout. In fact, with one of the moves, I had some muscle memory from self-defense training. She also wore a Komen tee shirt and really focused on the theme of the night, reminding us that this workout was in honor of women fighting breast cancer. I’d be very interested in taking a boxing class with her at The Club.

NBGNO 10.15_2

Turnstyle – Kendall Square


Last week, I took an awesome spin class lead by Caroline Earle, Trendy Trainer, at Turnstyle Cycle in Kendall Square.

Here’s what I said about Caroline in my Dunwello review:


I took a spin class with Caroline at Turnstyle and LOVED IT.

Caroline kept the energy level of the class high and everyone seemed to enjoy it. The music was all timed that we should be spinning to he beat.

Caroline made sure to encourage all the riders specifically by name. (Either they’re regulars or she read the seating chart for the class. Either way, I appreciated the personalization!)

Turnstyle uses Real Ryder bikes, which move from side to side unlike traditional spin bikes. So moves in this spin class often incorporated turning & standing sprints had a lot more core work that usual with a rider trying to stay steady as well. 

I’d definitely recommend a class with Caroline and look forward to many more!

Thanks to Caroline for inviting me to try her class.

Because the fitness blogger community in the Boston area is a bit of a small family, I saw Caroline later that week at New Balance Girls Night Out Boston.

Featured in Noted from The Lady Project

You may have noticed it’s been a little quiet on my blog lately.

I’ve been out of state most of the week staffing a conference for my work. I’ll be catching up on posting this weekend and hope to have some new posts on recent fitness activities up by next week.

While I was away though, I got a lovely surprise!

I was featured in The Lady Project Noted. I’m a member of their BOS Lady Project group.


CambridgeSide Fall into Fall Fashion Blogger Cruise

Last Sunday, I had the wonderful opportunity to join fellow bloggers for CambridgeSide Galleria Fall into Fall Fashion Blogger Cruise.

Here are some of the outfits and accessories they featured:

Blogger day at #shopcambridgeside #sailsipshoprepeat Fall into Fashion Cruise

A post shared by Danielle Kempe (@gettingfitinma) on



Thank you to Forever 21 for the gorgeous accessories to take home and enjoy!

I also got to take in some beautiful views of Cambridge and Boston from the Charles River:

Post cruise, Janelle and I headed to CambridgeSide to shop!

We checked out Roster, Francesca’s, and then hit up Cheesecake Factory for a slice to go,

I’ll definitely be back at CambridgeSide soon to get a shopping fix!