King Richard’s Faire – Game of Thrones Day

Disclosure: I was given free tickets to King Richard’s Faire in exchange for writing a blog post about my experience. Opinions are all my own.

Last Sunday, I went to King Richard’s Faire with my in-laws.

We were excited because it was a Game of Thrones themed day, so we all wore costumes.


My husband & in-laws

I’m taking the photo but I dressed up too.

We had a wonderful day and stayed at the Faire from open till close! (10:30 AM – 6 PM)

We spent the day watching the shows (and taking pictures of other guests in character).


I thought this guy had an awesome costume!

He modified his wheelchair to be the Iron Throne!

The 1st show we stopped by was Jacques Ze Whippeur (a funny guy that does whip tricks). I’d recommend seeing Jacques more than once. He changes up his show depending on which stage he’s preforming at. We could hear his whip cracks to music when we were waiting for the joust at the Tournament area.

Then we checked out “The Mud Show” by the Sturdy Beggars. The dialogue was humor that went over kids heads, but the adults enjoyed. Example, naming one side of the audience the Trojans and having their cheer involve “we will never break”. It was juvenile humor when it came to the mud, but overall a fun time.

We wandered around the grounds a bit, seeing the ax throwing booths and some rides (extra $$ to try but fun to watch for free).

The Royal Parade had every staff member in it and an adorable child on a pony that had a unicorn horn! I enjoyed that many staffers dressed up as Game of Thrones characters too and said lines in character during the parade to the faire attendees.


Above is a collage I made from my photos of the royal parade

Word to the wise – go to the ATM before you get to the fair. The food is cash only and you need to buy tickets in increments of $5 that are then redeemed for food at the food booths. There is an ATM on site if you forget, but it has a surcharge. Credit cards are useless for food here.

I tried a turkey leg for $11 and it was huge. I couldn’t finish it, but it was tasty. The cheese fries were OK for $5. One of my sister-in-laws said the hot apple cider for $3 was worth it. There are also chicken fingers & cupcakes available, so even picky eaters should be able to find something.

During lunch, we caught some of the Aerial Show, featuring women using silks to preform high off the ground.

After lunch we saw some of the Great Cats of the World Show. It filled up quickly and we couldn’t see much from the back, but we did catch a glimpse of a white tiger and a black panther.

We saw 3 jousting shows on the Tournament Field. Pretty fun to watch!

By then, it was time to get to the King’s Stage to compete in the Game of Thrones trivia and costume contests.

While we were waiting we saw the Mis-Adventurers Swashbuckling Swords & Hilarity and Promises, Prom Misses Musical Comedy finale shows. Both were OK but I’d probably skip “Promises” for my next visit.

My husband, father-in-law, and sister-in-law Jen competed in the Game of Thrones trivia contest and Jen won the whole thing!

Game of Thrones 2015 at King Richard's Faire

My sister-in-law Jen smiling with her prize

My sister-in-law Jackie and mother-in-law competed in the Game of Thrones costume contest. Too many people dressed as Daenerys which I heard someone comment on when I replayed the video I took on my phone of the costume contest. If you want to see photos of the costumes, check them out at King Richard’s Faire Flickr Album

Finally, we saw the Joust to the Death and Evening Revels.

During the Evening Revels 2 cast members got engaged! It was so sweet.

Thank you King Richard’s Faire for a wonderful day of fun! We’ll be back next year.


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