Boston Public Health – Free Summer Fitness Series


You know I love free fitness and try to make this blog a source of info for you on free fitness opportunities whenever I find them.

The full listing of classes can be found at the Boston Parks Summer Fitness Series

I haven’t decided yet which of these classes will be added to my schedule.

Summer in MA has an abundance of free fitness, in addition to year round November Project, so that’s triggered 2 posts in a row for me about free fitness classes.

Zumba on Valentine’s Day


The monthly free community Zumba class in Quincy lined up with Valentine’s Day!

Above is one of the instructors, Fen, dressed in red for the occasion.

I’m lucky that the class is walkable from my condo. The studio is on the lower level of a building, so that’s how we have the snowy windows behind Fen.

I’m glad I attended. It was a wicked fun class, with about 20 people attending!

I got a great workout in – before the snow started again.

The forecast for this weekend is NOT looking good. Another 18+ of snow (on top of the 71″ of snow still on the ground from other storms this month) and hurricane force winds. It’s actually the wind that had me more worried than the snow for this one. I’m hoping that we don’t lose power.

Because of this, everyone who planned to run the Stop Stroke Shuffle 5K has been changed to a “virtual” runner and we’re all trying to get in the miles on treadmills. (My plan is to get my miles in on Sunday, as long as there’s power for the treadmill.)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

My husband & I are having a fun, low key day.

Zumba with Fen & David


On Saturday, I was finally feeling well enough to get some fitness back in my life.

As luck would have it, that was also the date of the monthly free Zumba class (taught by my friend Fen & her husband David) at The River in Quincy.

The location of the class is walking distance from my condo & it’s the first Saturday that the class was offered that I didn’t have a conflict with the date.

I’m glad I gave Zumba another shot and attended this class. (My 2nd Zumba class ever.)

I had a great time & the other attendees were very welcoming.

There were 17 people there – with varying levels of dance skill. There were even some adorable children taking the class.

Thanks to winning Snacking in Sneakers Zumba giveaway, I looked the part in a Zumba branded tank top & headband. (Thanks again Chrissy!)

According to my Fitbit, I burned 277 calories from the class, and it contributed to my overall step total of 6,799 for the day.

My 1st Zumba Class

ZumbaLast night, I took my first ever Zumba class.

A free class was being offered just minutes from my condo – and the instructors are also BollyX instructors so I know them from that.

My friend Nan joined me and that night David was teaching. (Fen was covering a BollyX class in Cambridge.)

I like BollyX much better than Zumba. Zumba had too much “you can do your own thing” in regards to dance moves. I have a hard enough time following along to set moves so I’d rather just be shown what to do instead.

It was a great workout though and the small class was very friendly. There were 6 of us taking the class and others came over to introduce themselves and chat with us before & after class.

My glasses stayed on my face this time (unlike the last class I took with David).

I don’t think Zumba will become my favorite type of workout anytime soon – but I would be open to taking another class.

If you’re in the Quincy area and want to check out Zumba – Fen & David are holding a free community class this Saturday at noon. For more details – check out Fen & David’s Facebook page.