Zumba on Valentine’s Day


The monthly free community Zumba class in Quincy lined up with Valentine’s Day!

Above is one of the instructors, Fen, dressed in red for the occasion.

I’m lucky that the class is walkable from my condo. The studio is on the lower level of a building, so that’s how we have the snowy windows behind Fen.

I’m glad I attended. It was a wicked fun class, with about 20 people attending!

I got a great workout in – before the snow started again.

The forecast for this weekend is NOT looking good. Another 18+ of snow (on top of the 71″ of snow still on the ground from other storms this month) and hurricane force winds. It’s actually the wind that had me more worried than the snow for this one. I’m hoping that we don’t lose power.

Because of this, everyone who planned to run the Stop Stroke Shuffle 5K has been changed to a “virtual” runner and we’re all trying to get in the miles on treadmills. (My plan is to get my miles in on Sunday, as long as there’s power for the treadmill.)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

My husband & I are having a fun, low key day.

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