Sadly, I think I’m through with attending BostInno events for a while.

This is the 2nd event I’ve attended that they’ve hosted – that I’ve paid an admission fee for but felt it wasn’t worth it. (The other was BostonFest back in August.) My friend who asked me to join her at BostonFest said, “They market events so well that we assume they’ll be great – but then are disappointed.”

The 1st strike against BosFit was when I pulled up to the garage that they told us to park at and it was closed. The check in for BosFit started at 9 AM but the garage didn’t open till 10 AM. I put my car at a meter and dumped in quarters for the max 2 hours allowed. Now, in addition to the $24 to attend – I was out another $2 in quarters. $26 dollars for two 30 minute fitness classes just wasn’t worth it. A 1 hour BollyX class is $12.

The BollyX sessions lead by Fen & David were wonderful!

Here’s a photo from the 2nd session:


After BollyX, I attempted to try the Core Fusion Barre class.

BosFit-BarreI’m in the gray tee shirt just in front of the instructor

BosFit-Barre 2I’m on the ropes farthest away from the camera

The instructor for the barre class decided to stick her foot under mine and push up to move my foot higher. (Actually it was probably seconds after the picture above on the ropes was taken.) My brain channeled Mythbusters Grant Imahara and internally shouted “Something just touched me!” I was so upset that I jumped over the ropes, put my sneakers back on, and joined the BollyX session already in progress. I wouldn’t have minded if the instructor asked permission to touch me or verbally corrected my form but what she did instead bothered me.

The second BollyX session was so fun (and intense) that my glasses slid right off my face from all the sweating. I think it scared the instructor (David) more than me. The glasses were fine so I just laughed it off and put them right back on my face.

After the 2nd session, my time at the meter was up, so I decided to go home instead of moving to the garage.


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