Photo Blogging Challenge – Nine

The photo blogging challenge for March was Nine

I’m counting the weights to make this 9 but beautiful art making at the Discovery Museum in Acton
9 spokes on the boat steering wheel! Elise is having a wonderful time – also at Discovery Museum
Elise squeezes the 9th balloon powering this music machine at the Discovery Museum
Dad & daughter in wind machine as it hits 9 miles per hour – at Ecotarium in Worcester

It’s Autism Acceptance Month in April as I post this. Autism is neurodiversity – NOT a disease.

The need for order like the toys below can be one of the ways Autism presents.

9 toys lined up by Elise when she was playing

Last, here’s a bonus photo that in my mind fits the theme, but doesn’t really.

Humongous pigs larger than at least 9 piglets

The pigs are from Mass Audubon Drumlin Farm in Lincoln.

Looking forward to seeing what photos everyone else took!

5 thoughts on “Photo Blogging Challenge – Nine

  1. There were nines all around you last month! Great job scoping them out. I think I’d love to see the Discovery Museum in Action. πŸ’œ

  2. Discovery Museum seems to deserve its name: lots to discover and experience. Glad you had fun. Bonus points for getting some of your NINE pictures out of that visit πŸ™‚

  3. What a great musem. What you show in your photos makes me think of a kind of mash-up between Calgary’s Science Centre and National Music Centre, two of our kids’ favourite places when they were little. Thanks for gently educating re: autism through your blog posts. As an avid book reader, I have noticed more books coming out over the past few years where the main character is autistic. I think it started with The Rosie Project, but is slowly evolving to be less “in your face” and more “this is just how some people are” with more accepting and positive messages. It’s good to see this cultural evolution.

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