Photo Blogging Challenge – Give Thanks

The Photo Blogging Challenge prompt for November was “Give Thanks”.

Boy, do I have a lot to be thankful for.

This made me tear up when it came home with my daughter’s art from preschool

Let’s start with my daughter, Elise.

I was having Elise developmentally tested & we got an Autism diagnosis 2 weeks ago.

I’m really happy to have a name for the difference I see between my daughter and her 4 year old peers.

I’m also super lucky to already have a great group of Autistic friends – all thriving as adults. Positive is my only reference point!

Uncle God Dad Dave reading with Elise

I’m thankful for family!

My brother has been overseas for work (Qatar and Greece) so it was wonderful to see him on Thanksgiving.

Elise is obsessed with dinosaurs. Dave flipped each page and asked Elise to tell him the dinosaurs. I have cute video too.

Mass Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary on Cape Cod

I’m thankful for Mass Audubon Wildlife Sanctuaries and that our family was gifted a membership from Grandma on Dad’s side.

Our family of 3 can often be found exploring Mass Audubon sites on the weekends.

Barry Clifford – treasure hunter & historian

I’m thankful for the kindness of strangers.

A few weeks ago, my family and my in laws visited the Whydah Pirate Museum on Cape Cod. (The museum is very worth it and I recommend it.)

The museum goes over the history of the ship “Whydah” from origin until today – a wreck of Cape Cod that’s actively being searched for historical items.

Barry Clifford is the explorer who found the Whydah wreck.

Barry is also the man in the photo above. He was at the museum the day we visited and noticed my daughter investigating the cannons. While Elise was talking to Grandma, he hid 2 plastic coins in 2 different cannons for my daughter to find!

I cried tears of joy. Here I was worried Elise was getting bored and his kindness made my day.

Cape Cod beach sunset

Finally, I’m thankful for the beauty of New England nature – especially on Cape Cod.

You can find our family on Cape Cod at least 1 weekend a month, if not more. (My in-laws live mid-cape.)

Did you enjoy my photos? Looking forward to seeing what everyone else is thankful for – and their creative photos.