Photo Blogging Challenge – Black and White

The photo blogging challenge for January was “black and white”. Here’s my view!

Owl art from my daughter
Turkey’s chilling

I like the white snow with the sledders lining up on the hill

Penguin rock art at our library
Snowed out view from a storm that dropped 30 inches of snow!

I have 2 bonus photos this month that I didn’t take but fit the theme so well, I’m including.

Future service dog – right now a puppy, enjoying a light snow on Cape Cod

My husband took this beach photo on MLK Jr. Day

Looking forward to seeing what others did with this challenge.

7 thoughts on “Photo Blogging Challenge – Black and White

  1. 30 inches of snow?! Geez, that’s a lot. Was that “Storm Bobby”? A friend doctored a picture that featured penguins ;-)))
    Love the blue sky among all this black and white! Did Elise enjoy sledding?

  2. What a great set of photos…I like how three of them feature birds, everything from real life to artistic representations. Enjoy the snow while it lasts. 🙂

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