Photo Blogging Challenge – Vibrant


The theme for the April photo blogging challenge was “Vibrant”.

I had a bunch of different ideas of where I could go with this post. Just use photos from Boston Marathon weekend, photos of the neon workout gear November Project members wear when working out, public art I found on my walks, Fenway Park and the super green grass there, cosplayers at PAX East video game convention…lets just say inspiration was not a problem this month. 🙂 Weeding down to select the best photos from the bunch was my struggle.


This ad for Taketa Oncology wrapped the Red Line 

I thought both the color and messaging were vibrant. (Since I’m on the board of RACE Cancer Foundation – I aspire to the same thing.)


The vibrant colors of Fenway Park in Boston always make me smile.

Here’s some of the field and our famous “Green Monster” wall.

High Street.jpg

Here’s some vibrant public art on High Street in Boston – that combines the ideas in my 1st two photos well.

marathon runner

Just before mile 25 of the Boston Marathon 2016

One of my favorite things to do on Boston Marathon weekend is cheer on the runners.

I was near mile 25 this year, looking to snap pictures of runners in November Project tagged gear, when this woman ran by.

The shirts that the runners are wearing are vibrant but the energy of the crowd was electric!


This cosplayer from the video game Legend of Zelda is quite vibrant.

I spotted her at PAX East in Boston.

Hope you enjoyed my photos this month!

I’m looking forward to seeing what other participants came up with.

This monthly photo blogging challenge is facilitated by PJ of the Northeast Bloggers Network.

Thanks for inspiring me to take more photos!

Marathon Weekend in Boston

I love marathon weekend in Boston!

The energy and excitement is pulsing through the city.

This year, I staffed the Runner’s World booth at the Boston Marathon Expo on Friday & Saturday before the marathon.


Me & Nick staffing the booth while Bart Yasso signs his book to our right


Grabbed a photo before the expo opened on Saturday


Books for sale – including November Project the book!

I had a great time staffing the booth – selling books, meeting authors, chatting with marathon runners & their families.

On Saturday night, I attended the book launch party for November Project and got the 3 authors to sign the book.

Sunday, I went to a Red Sox game with my Dad. (I bought him tickets for a Christmas present.) The people honored throughout the game were marathon runners and survivors of the 2013 bombing. The pre-game ceremonies had me crying.


Dad & me

Monday, my husband & I cheered just before mile 25 of the marathon. The cheering crowd is a huge part of what makes marathon running in Boston so epic. If a runner has their name written on them on race day, the crowd will cheer their name. This also works with the name of the charity team their running for, or in my case, losing your mind for any runners with November Project gear.

I think my best photo from the day though was when a guy running the marathon stopped to kiss his wife in the crowd before running on.

marathon 2016

Congrats to all the runners out on the course on Monday. You are all amazing!

Bootcamp with Athena

4.8.16 Workout Group

On Thursday, I attended a bootcamp lead by Athena and hosted through MoveWith.

It was a great workout! Athena is a super motivating instructor.

During the class, I was feeling mad at myself for taking so long of a break from workouts. Yes, my reason was health related, but I’ve lost any endurance I’d built up. I felt very out of shape. (In fact, my legs were sore for 3 days after the class.)

But, I’m still proud of myself for showing up at the class, getting in the workout, and doing something to get back on the right track workout wise.

I figure, I can’t change the past – just how I react to it.

Thank you to Athena and MoveWith for hosting this workout!


Ladies Night Out at University Station


Last week, I attended a fun women bloggers night out at University Station in Westwood.


First, we got manicures at Miniluxe.

I’m a huge fan of Miniluxe and when I lived in Boston I had my nails done at their Newbury Street location nearly weekly. It’s great to see them have a location closer to me on the South Shore.

Next we visited Nordstrom Rack, where the manager pulled some clothes to show us examples of the brand names at discounted prices available at their store. I bought myself a new pair of flats.

Finally, we headed over to Not Your Average Joe’s for some appetizers and met with their executive chef for the whole chain. It’s a different space for Not Your Average Joe’s – but in a good way. The restaurant was packed even though it was a Wednesday night.

I’m a Not Your Average Joe’s fan – since I love that their cooking is from scratch with locally sourced ingredients. You can usually find me at the Randolph location though – so this was a nice change of pace.

Thanks to Miniluxe, Nordstrom Rack, Not Your Average Joe’s, and University Station for hosting us!