ZOOMA Cape Cod 2018


ZOOMA Cape Cod 2018 Ambassadors

I had an amazing time running ZOOMA Cape Cod 10K!

It was my first 10K and I finished in just under 2 hours.

Running/Walking with all women was so empowering and I made an awesome new friend from Texas!



The course was beautiful – very scenic – throughout Falmouth.


I’d recommend ZOOMA to any lady runners. So glad I raced!


I also had the best cheer squad on the race course – my daughter & husband!

The first picture is me running over shouting “That’s my baby!!!”


Photo Blogging Challenge – Colorful


The theme for the September Photo Blogging Challenge was “Colorful”.

IMG_20180921_130323739 - Copy

First photo is of my daughter playing in the kids area of Abilities Expo

IMG_20180920_174826914 - Copy

This is me & Poe – quite a colorful character! Most don’t know he was born in Boston.

IMG_20180926_133035222 - Copy

Elise being held by her Grandmother Martha at Fenway Park

First Red Sox game for Elise!


Grandma & Elise looking at sea turtles in the New England Aquarium

IMG_20180927_222219_168 - Copy

Elise is a great sharer & is sharing her toys with her new baby friend at a kids picnic event


Hope you enjoyed my photos!

No surprise that my adventures with my daughter make up most of the photos. 🙂

This monthly photo blogging challenge is facilitated by PJ of the Northeast Bloggers Network.

Fitness as a Mom

9 months ago I had a baby girl and she is awesome!

One thing that’s been fun for me is getting in workouts that involve my baby in her stroller.

Here’s what I recommend if you’re on the South Shore of MA like me:

1) Peek-A-Blue Hikes

Peek A Blue SignBlue Hills Hike 7.19.18

I’ve written before about how much fun Peek-A-Blue Hikes are on my first day attending, but I’ve loved them even more with each hike!

The routes are guided and one is stroller friendly.

I’ve only taken the stroller route but every week there are at least 30 parents and littles.

The hills are a bit of a climb pushing a stroller, but that’s the workout of it.

2) Walk in Boston


My favorite route is from South Station to the Aquarium.

The boardwalk section often puts my baby to sleep but when she’s awake, she can see the harbor seals at the Aquarium for free!

If you plan in advance, you can get a pass from your library for admission for up to 4 adults for $10 each.

3) Always Be Strolling


We take our baby in her stroller all over the state.

In the photo above, Dad & baby are at the opening of the Adams Hancock Common in Quincy.


That’s what’s working for me! Other parents, what do you recommend?


Photo Blogging Challenge – Photographer’s Choice


Since I could pick my own theme for the August photo blogging challenge, you’re getting pictures from our vacation that month to Vermont.


Our home for the week


Technically this was NY – Saratoga horse race track – but it was still the same trip

Elise cheering with Grandma Martha


Fun pottery stop where you can visit the artists at work


Goats at Sugarbush Farm were so happy to see us!


Baby bear, Dad bear, and statue bear


Hope you enjoyed traveling through our photos.


This monthly photo blogging challenge is facilitated by PJ of the Northeast Bloggers Network.

Photo Blogging Challenge – Staying Cool


The theme for the July Photo Blogging Challenge was “Staying Cool”.


Elise & her Dad like the breeze while visiting the Hull Artists Open Studios

Elise’s Grandma Martha was displaying her art


Bubble day at the Thomas Crane Public Library was cool in temperature and awesomeness!


This duck was staying cool in a pond at the Blue Hills in Milton when it came out seeking food


Nothing keeps you cooler than napping on Mom in your ACed home


Pretty view of Boston while walking on the beach in Quincy to stay cool


Hope you enjoyed my photos!

This monthly photo blogging challenge is facilitated by PJ of the Northeast Bloggers Network.


Move to Love Yoga – Filming


On Saturday morning I had an amazing time being part of a More to Love yoga class that was being filmed for a Bank of America commercial. (The founder/instructor Rachel won a BOA small business contest.)

I love More to Love! It’s such a body accepting experience.

I’ve written before about feeling self conscious being the only plus sized woman in an exercise class. With yoga classes before More to Love, that was nearly always the case. I’d leave class feeling unhappy – which made the class not worth it!

Enter Rachel, the yogi behind More to Love.

Here’s what Rachel said about the filming experience:

3 years ago I had no yoga students.

I had no yoga classes scheduled.

I didn’t even have a space to hold classes.

All I had was an idea and an invite to anyone who was tired of feeling like their body was something to be ashamed of.

All I had was a love for yoga and how it helped me feel more “home” in my bigger body.

So the invites grew…and more people joined me to practice yoga with a special twist.

3 years later….

This weekend, as the lights, camera and director kept calling “action!” — I kept having to pinch myself.

“For real? A major company’s commercial is staring ME and is about More to Love Yoga?”

But truth is it’s not about ME…it’s always been about YOU.

The body who craves freedom.

The bigger body who desires a deep, long exhale.

The fat butt that can rock a pair of leggings without a shred of fear.

The full belly who when laughs, jiggles and shakes with no reservations.

That’s what More to Love is…and this weekend, that’s what I know the big film crew captured.

So thank you to the Lovelies who made time in their day to join the filmed class.

And thanks to those who were joining in spirit.

And a future “welcome” to the soon to be Lovelies…we can’t wait to have you join us.

3 years is not a lot of time…so go do and create that thing your heart is pulling you towards.

You will not be let down


The director put me and my purple shirt in the front row

– even when I told her I’m a yoga novice.

We’ll see if I make the final cut of the commercial.

Thank you More to Love for inviting me to be a part of your film & be one of the “Lovelies”.

I’ll be back for a regular class soon!