Photo Blogging Challenge – It’s Your World

The theme for September’s photo blogging challenge was “It’s Your World”

September is National Service Dog Month.

Since I work in fundraising for a nonprofit that trains service dogs for the Deaf and Autistic, I hosted a few “Barks and Brews” fundraisers at local breweries.

Fountain in Quincy Center

I walk by this fountain often, about a 5 minute walk from my home.

Beautiful boardwalk

On Smithsonian Free Museum Day my family visited the Rhode Island Audubon. There’s a nice museum on the natural environment and then miles of beautiful walking trails.

Squash at Quincy Farmers Market

I’m a huge fan of the Quincy Farmers Market & I helped plan their 40th anniversary celebration.

The 40th anniversary celebration for Quincy Farmers Market was on the USS Salem and it was a lobster clambake. The food was amazing and the company quite fun.

So there’s a glimpse into what “my world” looked like in September.

Looking forward to seeing everyone else’s photos.

6 thoughts on “Photo Blogging Challenge – It’s Your World

  1. “Barks and Brews” – very clever!
    With Quincy Market you mean the one at Faneuil Hall Marketplace? This is a go-to every time we visit Boston. I had no idea it is relatively young. Happy Birthday!
    Now I wouldn’t mind some lobster!

  2. Service dogs are all kinds of awesome! Literally life savers for some. The fountain and forest boardwalk are lovely. I could spend lots of time in those areas. Forty years fir a farmers market is amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Barks and brews sounds like a whole heap of fun! And I love a good lobster bake… it’s one reason I wish I was closer to certain parts of New England!

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