Riveter Run

On Labor Day, I dressed up and walked 3.1 miles around Cape Cod (slow intentionally to be a tourist) as part of the Riveter Run virtual event.

As some of you know, my grandmother is a Rosie (worked during WWII). She is also the MA chapter president of the American Rosie the Riveter Association.

Here’s our family of 3 stopping for a caffeine break

In the pandemic, I’ve been having trouble getting my fitness in – so what works for me is being active as a family.

Walks around the zoo, aquarium, outside, etc – still count as activity, even if they’re at toddler speed.

Here’s hoping next year on Labor Day it will be safe to host a bell ringing honoring the Rosies again.

Photo Blogging Challenge – Sports

The August photo blogging challenge was “Sports

I was excited about this timing, having started a new role of Boston City Lead for The GIST.

The GIST is a female-founded sports startup that creates sports content, experiences and community that are by women and for all sports fans. We do this mainly through our free, localized twice-weekly newsletter that gives you “the gist” of what’s going on in the sports world in an authentic, fun and female voice.

If you’re interested in subscribing use my link: The GIST Boston newsletter

COVID-19 has knocked out professional sports but I still found some photos.

My toddler and future soccer fan

A virtual conference I was attending, New Leaders Council, was crashed by Gritty, a NHL mascot.

I’m super into politics, especially down ballot local. Some of my friends working for political campaigns consider politics a sport.

That’s me wearing my “vote” mask
Backyard “sports” games on a trip to Cape Cod

Since I am running late for posting, I am using this to my advantage and posting 2 photos taken in September but they super fit the theme.

Go Patriots!

Those are my five (six?) photos for the challenge. Looking forward to seeing what others came up with!

This monthly photo blogging challenge is facilitated by PJ of the Northeast Bloggers Network.

Photo Blogging Challenge – Letters

The July photo blogging challenge was “Letters

As you probably know if you read this blog before, I have a toddler daughter who turns 3 in December.

We watch a lot of educational TV revolving around learning letters.

One of my daughter’s favorite toys
These 2 photos are variations on the same theme – in the TV show Sesame Street Big Bird sings a song about “the most remarkable word” he’s ever seen. The word is the alphabet!

Isn’t it totally normal in this pandemic world to have a slide in your living room? The playgrounds near us are just now starting to open up but they still aren’t “safe”.

In my professional life, I earned Certified Fundraising Executive designation on July 25th. Now I have the letters CFRE next to my name in my professional signature.

Thanks to the pandemic, I will be voting by mail this year.
Here’s the application that came in the mail for me to get a ballot mailed to me. I live in a city with a high Asian population so that’s why 2 languages.
Finally, happy birthday to my brother, David!

We both have summer birthdays. He’s end of July and I’m mid August.

Those are my five (six?) photos for the challenge. Looking forward to seeing what others came up with!

This monthly photo blogging challenge is facilitated by PJ of the Northeast Bloggers Network.

Photo Blogging Challenge – The Notebook

The June photo blogging challenge was “The Notebook

I actually like keeping hand written notes and pre-pandemic I kept a paper day planner in my purse.

I find the act of writing notes helps me to retain information better than if I typed them.

I use this notebook for Quincy related notes – City Council, Quincy for Transformative Change, and other meetings

Quincy, MA is gearing up to celebrating the 400th anniversary of our founding: 2025

Notes for studying for my CFRE test on 7/25 – Certified Fundraising Executive

I mentioned in the May photo blogging challenge that I’m pursuing the Certified Fundraising Executive credential and I have a test date that’s coming up fast – July 25th!

On top of the notebook are mints from 2 fundraising consulting firms that they gave out at fundraising conferences I’ve attended.

Nonprofit professionals love useful SWAG!

Now I’m done with literal and moving on to what I’m using my notebooks for notes on in the next few photos.

This book was written by my friend John Haydon – published posthumously

It took me a while to get through John Haydon’s book because his death was too recent and I couldn’t read without hearing his voice.

I’m glad I powered through! Lots of great stuff to advance fundraising by actually practicing donor centered fundraising rather than it just being a buzzword.

How to form a nonprofit corporation

After my CFRE test, my next priority is getting nonprofit status for a Disability Rights group I’m on the board of

Quote in Zen of Fundraising

My favorite books on fundraising use humor to help communicate their points.

So those are my five photos for the challenge. Looking forward to seeing what others came up with!

This monthly photo blogging challenge is facilitated by PJ of the Northeast Bloggers Network.

Quincy Chalk for Justice

On July 3rd there was a beautiful event called “Chalk for Justice” in support of Black Lives Matter.

I was proud to attend with my husband and daughter!

Here are some of our photos

My daughter and husband are on the left
Black Lives Matter
That’s my daughter on the drawing she worked on with Dad “Equity Justice”
Quincy 4 Justice
End racism now
No Justice No Peace
Listen to students of color (2 Instagram accounts have been sharing student of color experiences at Quincy high schools)
Say their names
The city barricaded the statutes on city hall plaza – I don’t understand the fear of kids and chalk
This photo is of my friend K – wearing the backpack

I’m happy we could participate but it’s disappointing that the city decided to have 50 cops present for a hundred people, mostly kids, drawing with chalk!

Here’s a Patriot Ledger article on the event: ‘Chalk for Justice’: Quincy groups protest racism through sidewalk art

Black Lives Matter Quincy

Like most of the USA, my city of Quincy, MA is disheartened by the repeated news of black people being killed at the hands of police. Different names – same senseless deaths!

On Tuesday night, some of my friends in Quincy Neighbors Mutual Aid & March Forward Quincy planned what they thought would be a small vigil with maybe 25 attending.

4,000+ of us showed up – nearly all wearing masks

The vigil and march stayed peaceful.

My husband, daughter, & I were amongst the attendees. I was pleased to see many other families there as well.

Here are some photos I took of the vigil and march

Sign saying “Black Lives Matter in Quincy too”
Large crowd beginning to gather
Black Lives Matter in front of the statue of John Adams
Businesses feared violence and boarded up (didn’t happen)
My husband holding our daughter
Taking a knee to honor George Floyd
Koch is the Mayor of Quincy and that’s sadly a direct quote on the sign – specifically said about the vigil/march the sign was being held in!
Silence is compliance

Photo Blogging Challenge – Keeping Busy


The May photo blogging challenge was “Keeping Busy

I hope you are safe and well during this pandemic and can think about things like keeping busy. (Please ask for help if you’re in survival mode. No shame in taking help!)

1) New job

As I mentioned in my last post, in March I got a new job as Director of Development at a nonprofit that educates science teachers. It’s a part time role.


My daughter wanted my necklace when I was dressed up for a Zoom call for work

2) Caring for my daughter

Everyone in MA is working from home right now and I’m no exception.

Here’s what we do for fun on days off


Just like other toddlers my daughter is confused about the mask wearing but is getting better about keeping her mask on

3) Support Local Businesses

I’m lucky to have a job when so many don’t right now.

I have been trying to get take out from local restaurants at least once a week.


Craig’s Cafe has a hand painted “Thank You” to essential workers and the window next door has “Quincy Strong”

4) Stop to enjoy the beauty

I love my city of Quincy, MA.


Quincy Common isn’t normally this empty but the view made me smile

5) Continuing education


I’m a Nonprofit Leadership Lab Ambassador (and super fan)

In nonprofit fundraiser, there is a professional certification called Certified Fund-Raising Executive (CFRE).

I’ve got enough work and educational experience so now I have to pay the fee and take the certification test.

I’ve been studying a lot to be ready for the test – both webinars, study guides, and books.


Screenshot from a webinar on storytelling with a point I found particularly useful

I hope you’re all staying well and look forward to clicking through the other photoblogging challenge posts!

This monthly photo blogging challenge is facilitated by PJ of the Northeast Bloggers Network.

Stop the Stigma 5K

One mile of my 5k walk (before my phone ran out of battery – oops)

May is mental health awareness month.

I am a firm believer in the “mental health is health” movement.

I am also a proud Major Depression survivor.

That doesn’t just happen and therapy and medication are what helped me. Whatever helps you – get help! Don’t suffer in silence.

Stop the Stigma 5k benefits Interfaith Social Services and their mental health counseling. This is the first time the event had to go virtual – due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I raised $350 and if you would like to donate, visit interfaithsocialservices.org

I walked on Monday of Memorial Day at Abigail Adams Park in Weymouth. My husband and daughter joined me for some of the walk.

The walk was scenic but a bit surreal due to being in a pandemic still!

Unseasonably cold in May
Coronavirus safety sign
Wait for me Mom!!!
Flowers and water view

I’m glad I am back being active and it’s great to have my daughter involved. (She turns 2.5 this month! I feel like I blinked and time jumped.)

In my work life, I got a new nonprofit fundraising job a week before MA issued their stay at home advisory in March. Working from home (part time) with my daughter home too requires a lot of scheduling around her sleep – but our family of 3 is getting through fine. We’re grateful.

Boston Travel Show 2020


I had a wonderful time attending the Boston Travel & Adventure Show on Saturday.

I was originally planning to bring my daughter but I left at her nap time and I didn’t want to wake her so she stayed home with Dad. I’d forgotten how fun it is to attend events like this solo and be able to talk without having to always have eyes on your toddler!

Thank you Visit Miami for having a photo station. (I’m pretty bad at taking selfies and I missed my husband being around to snap a photo for me.)


Here are some photos from the show floor:

I was excited to learn more about 2 local food tours, Bites of Boston and Rhode Island RED

I think I’m going to plan a date night with my husband to try them both out.

I’m lucky that I live so close to RI. It’s a very short drive and I’ve done many trips to Providence for just a few hours to attend The Lady Project events.

My favorite booth to visit was Wanderful and they hosted the blogger panel I attended later in the day. They’re a company dedicated to women’s travel and I’m very intrigued.

I also spent some time at the Global Beats Stage watching Bharata Natyam performed by Natyamani School of Dance.



The panel I attended in the afternoon was “So You Want to Start A Travel Blog?
A Conversation with Boston’s Top Travel Influencers”

Moderator: Beth Santos, Founder and CEO, Wanderful
Panelists: Brianne Miers, A Traveling Life
Lillie Marshall, Around The World L and Teaching Traveling
SanTara Cassamajor, The Gorgeous Ingredient

I’m pretty lucky that MA has such a wonderful blogging community – that I’m already friends with Lillie Marshall and Brianne Miers. (Small world, Brianne and I both have backgrounds in the nonprofit space.)


I’m so happy I was in the audience for this panel both to cheer for my friends and learn.

It made me feel better to realize they made the same “rookie mistakes” I’ve made. They don’t have social media all in the same name. Nor do I, my twitter handle is what my AOL IM username used to be. That’s dating myself – huh?

My blog name is also a bit too limiting now that I blog about more than fitness, but I don’t think I’m going to change it since I have my instagram in the matching name.

My next travel adventure will be to Seattle, WA in February for a wedding. Too long of a plane flight for my daughter so it will be an exciting husband and wife get away.

Are you planning any travel?

Have you been to the Travel & Adventure Show when it’s come to your area? I recommend stopping by!


Disclaimer: I received free admission to Travel & Adventure Show – all options are my own


Looking Forward to Boston Travel + Adventure Show

I’m very much looking forward to to the Boston Travel & Adventure Show this weekend (January 11th and 12th).

Last year I had a great time and I have a feeling that my daughter is going to enjoy it even more now that she’s two and can engage more.

New for 2020 is the Taste of Travel Stage

Feed your senses at the NEW Taste of Travel Stage, where you’ll experience travel like never before. Join chefs from around the world as they prepare cuisines from destinations represented at the show, live from the show floor. The best part? Each visitor will receive a sample from the culinary demonstration, free with your ticket to the show!


I also hope to catch some performances on the Global Beats Stage.

I also just found out 2 of my favorite bloggers will be speaking on the 11th so I’m definitely going to that panel.

Savvy Travel Theater

So You Want to Start A Travel Blog?
A Conversation with Boston’s Top Travel Influencers

Moderator: Beth Santos, Founder and CEO, Wanderful
Panelists: Brianne Miers, A Traveling Life
Lillie Marshall, AroundTheWorldl.com and TeachingTraveling.com

Have I gotten you excited yet? I have a discount code to share! STAYFIT2020 – good for $10 tix ($5 discount)

Let me know if you plan to attend and maybe we can coordinate our visit.