Photo Blogging Challenge – Adventure

I’m late again for the Photo Blogging Challenge, but here’s August’s “Adventure

I started a new job in August, and that’s an adventure I’m adoring.

I’m the northeast fundraising manager for Dogs for Better Lives. They train service dogs for the Deaf and Autistic.

Here’s my office set up

My family and I went to the first annual Cape Cod Pirate Festival and it was so much fun

This preformer was impressive
I liked this library display about Cape Cod, one of our favorite adventure spots
Space bunny at her first Chatham Band concert

Better late than never! Hope you enjoyed my photos!

2 thoughts on “Photo Blogging Challenge – Adventure

  1. Congrats on your new job. Sounds like a wonderful organization. Just the other day we came across a service dog in training. His name was Cesar. I was carrying a tray with chilli con carne. I could tell he liked what he smelled, but he kept his composure, and I praised him.
    So much fun at the pirate festival, and the space shot! Can’t believe how big Elise has gotten!

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