Photo Blogging Challenge – Thankful

The November photo blogging challenge was “Thankful

This was actually a month of photo taking that I had too many to choose from!

Despite the pandemic, I’m thankful that we’re still able to safely enjoy outdoor activities with our toddler

This was written as we left the Blue Hills Trailside Museum
Playground in Quincy
Looking at an emu at a zoo in North Attleboro

Every once in a while I remember to get myself in the photo, so here’s a selfie I enjoy

I’m also very thankful for our family!

This photo was taken on Thanksgiving

Uncle David waves at Elise

Here’s a bonus because I still can’t believe I caught it without trying. I was at an online fundraiser for The Samfund that had Tig Notaro as a speaker. Look what I caught when I excitedly taking a photo of Tig! (My name on the thank you donors scroll)

This monthly photo blogging challenge is facilitated by PJ of the Northeast Bloggers Network.

2 thoughts on “Photo Blogging Challenge – Thankful

  1. Wonderful captures! I believe every small business is extremely grateful when people patronize them during this virus time. I often wonder what young children will remember from this time of masks and distancing. I hope they don’t think this is the new normal. Isn’t it strange how masks have become fashion accessories for outfits?! Thanks for sharing.

    • When we started teaching our daughter to wear a mask, we thought it would be for emergencies and never thought it would last this long. Because me and her Dad are wearing masks she likes to wear hers too. It worked out because last night we had a fire alarm go off for our condo complex and she had no problems wearing her mask. I was actually really impressed that everyone who came down to the lobby had their masks on! Would have completely understood someone forgetting. We’re good here. Just someone on the 7th floor really burning their dinner.

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