Photo Blogging Challenge – Change and Hope

The January photo blogging challenge was change and hope

There’s a saying in MA, “If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute”. The weather is changing constantly.

Here are some pretty photos of cloudy sky outside my balcony window

And of course, an expected weather change in MA in January – snow

In clear but cold weather, I took my daughter for a walk to the city common. We happened to see a couple and their family walking to City Hall to be married – boy did that fill me with hope!

You know what else gives me hope? Quincy has a free COVID-19 testing & vaccination site!

In January, I was tested for COVID-19 and thankfully it was negative. (My toddler daughter just shared a bug with me.)

This was the testing site

I hope that those participating in this challenge had a restful and healthy January. Happy new year and on to 2021!

5 thoughts on “Photo Blogging Challenge – Change and Hope

  1. Ha ha! We’ve had light snow, rain, sunshine, blizzard and a wind storm in one day this month. Seems the “wait a minute” adage applies pretty much anywhere. Glad your COVID test was negative. The fact that so many of your photos this month were taken from inside looking out is entirely consistent with COVID times. I like how that came through.

  2. As I finally start — again — catching up on things here. We have a similar saying in Central New York — if you don’t like the weather, blink. My guess is most places have similar sayings! Here’s hoping we keep going in the right direction!

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