Photo Blogging Challenge – Eight

The March photo blogging challenge was “eight“.

It’s celebrating the 8th anniversary of the photo blogging challenge.

8 birds

There’s a restaurant called “Old Mill” that has birds in the pond. I lucked into a photo with 8 birds in it.

8 sides

My 3 year old daughter loves her magna tiles. She made this and I proudly took a photo.

3 children watch 5 chickens

I love this photo from the Franklin Park Zoo. I get 8 from the 3 children watching 5 chickens. My daughter is the one farthest from the camera.

8 cupcakes with light green jelly beans

My sister in law baked cupcakes for St. Patrick’s Day

Found 8

This photo is my favorite that I got for this challenge and it’s actually the first one I took in March. My daughter and I were walking in Quincy and I spotted the rock.

7 thoughts on “Photo Blogging Challenge – Eight

  1. I saw your Magna Tile post on FB. I loved this kind of toys when I was Elise’s age. Made me feel so accomplished!
    Yay for St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes – very clever to count eight green jellies 😉 This prompt was hard, wasn’t it?

  2. Our youngest grand girl loves magna tiles too. Great catch for the eight-sided shape! I like it when we can think outside the box (5+3=8)! I also like it when good shots wander in front of the camera at the perfect time.

  3. I really enjoyed your photos this month…and as I hop through all the posts for March I’m learning (once again) that I am a real killjoy when it comes to special occasion days like St Patrick’s day. So here’s to all those who find reasons to celebrate everyday, special occasion or not. I’d never heard of magna tiles…it was all Lego blocks, Thomas the Tank Engine and K’nex at our house.

    • I’m Italian American and never celebrated St. Patrick’s Day but my husband’s side is Irish American so they get into it.

      I never heard of magna tiles either before my daughter! She’s only 3 so still using Duplo blocks too.

  4. I’m not sure how my blood sugar would handle it, but I’ll take a cupcake! 🙂

    Nice job on the theme this month. I had to look at the one a few time for the eight sides.. I kept counting the parts of it at first!

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