Running with Luna Chix

Team Luna ChixLast night, I went for a run with the Boston branch of Team Luna Chix.

I have been hesitant to join running groups because the one other organized group I tried left me behind because I was too slow.

But, I was assured by friends of mine that run with Luna Chix that – yes, they do have others who walk/run – really! No, they WILL NOT leave you behind.

Even with their assurances, I asked my friend Jess L. to join me for the run, just in case I fell behind.

I had an amazing time last night! The group was wicked welcoming and they really meant it when they said they wouldn’t leave anyone behind.

I walked/ran with a woman from the team that was assigned to stay with the last person in the 3 mile group. She’s recovering from an injury so she was perfectly fine with me walking when I needed to, and my crazy sprints. (Next running goal – figure out pacing so I stop burning out and have to walk!)

We actually ended up doing 3.5 miles because we followed the 4 mile group back, but I was OK with that.

I had my best pace ever for the 1st two miles – running under 12 minute miles for both!

By the 3rd mile though, my legs were reminding me that they were annoyed with me for trying to get in two workouts in the same day. (November Project at 6:30 AM & Luna Chix run at 6:30 PM – why not?)

I’m definitely going to return for a run after an August vacation.

I think I may have a running group now!

Thank you ladies of Team Luna Chix for actually being sincere about having all levels of runners in your group and making sure no one is left behind.

Because of my double workout on Wednesday, I earned 12 WW Activity points! (kinda crazy for me)

November Project – Week 9 – 7/30

NP_Group_7.30_croppedI’m wearing a green shirt and pink hat – seated at the end of a row on the right. Can you find me?

Well it was another fun morning at November Project!

DJ Phoenix was back – blasting music as we climbed.

Those that climbed all 37 sections and set a PR got to visit with an adorable piglet – our new mascot the PR pig.

NP_PR_Pig_7.30I agree with this awesome reaction to Phoebe the PR Pig

I didn’t get to meet the pig, but I did set a personal record of climbing 22 sections! Woo-hoo!

I can’t believe how fast this summer is flying by. I’ll be celebrating my 30th birthday at November Project next week.

Weight Watchers – 7.29.14

Tuesday afternoon is my usual weight in with Weight Watchers and I had positive results today – down 0.8 pounds this week bringing me back to 26 pounds lost total.

There wasn’t much time to celebrate though because we were told our meeting is closing permanently on August 12th. (I think that’s stupid that they’re closing the meeting thinking members left because our former Leader died but it’s really just normal summer time vacations making attendance in the meeting a little lower than usual.)

Anyone have suggestions for meetings I should check out in MA?
It’s important to me to find a meeting with a Leader that has a meeting style that motivates me.

After this meeting closes, I’ll probably check out evening meetings at the WW center near my house to look for a new weekly meeting location.

I’m sad though. I’ll miss the members who’ve been with me for most of my weight loss journey.


BollyX and Bravo

Monday was a very stressful day.

It started when my morning commute took 3.5 hours because of flash flooding on route 9. (I made it OK but was worried I was going to stall my car out driving through water on the roads.)

Then around noon, I heard that at tornado had hit Revere, MA. I have 8 extended family members who live in Revere and thankfully everyone is safe. I called my Grandmother on my lunch break to check in with her and she told me how the sky had turned pitch black before the wind came.

Finally, just 5 minutes before closing time for my job, I discovered that my boss had accidentally deleted a report I’d spent weeks working on. She told me I’d done a great job with the report and it was very detailed. It just needed some minor changes. When I went to open the report to make the edits, a blank spreadsheet was there instead of the report. (Don’t worry – I had a back up so I’ve been able to replicate the report this morning.)

So, as the day ended I thought “I either need to go home and get some wine or go join my friends for a BollyX fitness class”.

You can probably guess from the title of this post which choice I made. (The BollyX class was fun. I got to see Andrea and Nandanie rocking their dance moves in the front row.)

This is a big behavior change for me, and in Weight Watchers, they hand out “bravo” stickers to celebrate behavior changes.

I’m glad I made the healthier for me choice and I’m hoping the extra activity in the week will lead to weight loss when I weigh in today.


Orange Theory


On Sunday, I had my first class at Orange Theory – a new fitness studio that just opened in Brighton.

Orange Theory describes their work out as “60-minute workout sessions split into intervals of cardiovascular and strength training with heart rate monitors to track intensity and maximize metabolic burn.

What makes them different from other workouts of this style is they give you a heart rate monitor to wear so you can see your personal stats during the work out and know if your heart rate is in the desired “orange zone” of moderate intensity.

I was told to show up 20 minutes early for my 1st class to have the heart rate monitor set up for me. I was surprised and annoyed when I showed up and found out that the showing up early was so sales staff could try to sell me my own personal heart monitor strap for $20. (No thank you!) Instead, I opted to rent a monitor for the class for free.

Now, my heart rate monitor was glitching the whole class so it only sporadically showed my stats on the TV screens in the workout space. (The cynic in me wondered if this was designed to make me want to spend the $20 on my own personal monitor, but it just made me think there’s no way I’m buying my own if the rental doesn’t work!)

I began the class on the treadmill and appreciated that they had work outs designed for 3 levels – power walker, jogger, and runner. Since I’m still walk/running my 5Ks I opted for the power walker level. The way the workout was scheduled it did make me push myself more than if I ran on the treadmill in a gym on my own.

Then I moved to the rowing machine and strength training. Since it was my 1st class, I didn’t know how to adjust the rowing machine, so I have no idea if I was doing that at the level of intensity I should have been. I also had a hard time getting my feet out of the rowing machine when we moved on to body weight strength training, so I missed instruction on how the moves were supposed to go.

I felt confused and embarrassed.

I’m going to give Orange Theory two more chances next week, but right now I’m a little concerned that it isn’t right for me.

The first class is free & I also have a voucher for a free week of classes from the Runners World Heartbreak Hill Expo that I’m using next week.

My next class will be on Friday, then again on Sunday.

Finish at the 50 – Race Photos

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a sucker for in race photos.

Here are some from the Finish at the 50 5K I ran at Gillette stadium on July 3rd.

(This was the last race I ran before chopping my hair short.)


Finish at the 50

Finish at the 50 sideI was running up a ramp in this one but I like that it looks like I found a way to mess with the laws of physics


Coming on to the field


Not every race photo looks pretty – but I just laugh


OK, that’s a little better 🙂


Always finish strong

November Project – Week 8 – Squats, Backpacks, and Trombone – Oh My!

This morning was my 2 month mark for attending November Project Boston! (Yippee!)

I still think joining NP was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. #JustShowUp and you’ll see what I mean.

2 of my friends were “newbies” today (1st time at NP) but it was great to see Michael Augustine (of Bike MS Cape Cod Getaway Team Velox Rota fame) & Fen Tung (of Bolly X Fitness instructing fame) both climbing!

You may be wondering about my post title at this point.

Today was “pack day” which means you’re asked to bring a backpack with you with whatever weight you’d like in it. (Because you know, climbing stairs isn’t hard or anything. :-P)

I brought my AIDS walk drawstring bag and tossed a few water bottles in it (in addition to my keys, wallet, phone). My plan was to have the water bottles add weight until I found someone who needed water and gave my extra away. The plan worked perfectly!

There was a person climbing today in hiking boots with skis on his back! Another carried a different human on his back, and they switched places at the top! It was a little crazy.

We also had another “firedrill” day. This time, when the cowbell sounded, we had to do 10 squats. It sounded at least 4 times.

And there was a guy who brought his trombone, which he played during the “firedrills”. When the Saints Go Marching in sounded great! He also played Happy Birthday for the lady who had her birthday celebrated during the group picture.

I got in 20 sections. I would have liked to increased my record for the number of sections I’ve completed, but I’m OK with it, considering we had the added packs and firedrills.

If you live in MA & you’re curious about why I’m now a Novemeber Project devote and why I’m so obsessed, come climb with me on a Wednesday! In fact, come on 7/30 because we’ll have a DJ playing for us as we climb!

And now, 2 photos from the day:


Climbing up – on the left in a purple #GrassRootsGear tee & blue shorts


I’ve now nicknamed this my “There are more stairs?!” face

New Balance Girls Night Out Boston – July


Tonight was the New Balance Girls Night Out for July.

What a great night!

It was once again hosted by the wonderful Rachel C from Healthy Chicks.

We could pick from 3 different fitness activities: a 3 mile run, spin with Flywheel, or a class at Equinox.

I figured I’d go with the experience that was new to me – a boot camp class at Equinox.


Here’s the workout in action – I’m on the right side in a gray shirt

The class was intense but good. I earned 4 WW activity points for the 45 minute workout! Our heart rate was kept up as we completed a bunch of body weight exercises on the roof deck of Equinox. (It was also hot since it was outdoors.)

My 2 critiques of the class were that the gym didn’t close the roof deck for our class so others were working out there. This lead to me having trouble hearing the instructor over the sounds of a gym jumping rope. I had a lot of trouble hearing and seeing the instructor so I must have looked like I didn’t have a clue.

The exercises were all done on the concrete of the roof deck, so I skipped some moves where my head would face straight down. My glasses were slipping off my head and I didn’t want to break them if they fell on the concrete.

After class, we headed back to New Balance to hear from Rachel on the topic of self expression through fitness.

In the gift bag was a towel that you could have imprinted with your choice of 3 phrases. I chose “Girls run this town”.

Huge thanks to New Balance, Rachel, and Equinox for another amazing & fun night!

Annoyed Again – Weight Watchers


Lately, I wonder if following the Weight Watchers Points Plus program is an exercise in futility. Isn’t the definition of “insanity” doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results?!

My weight stayed exactly the same this week. Which puts me back at the 25.2 pounds total lost.

The dreaded 25 pound half way point that I’ve been stuck at nearly this whole year!

I’m trying to stay positive but it’s tough.

I’m looking forward to a great workout tonight with New Balance Girls Night Out Boston to hopefully get me out of this funk.

(Satisfying the WW assignment for the week – have a get together with friends that doesn’t involve food.)

BollyX & A Beach Walk


Nandaine, me, and Andrea

On Sunday morning, I drove to Boston for a BollyX (dance fitness) class at Athleta.

BollyX is always a great time, and this class was no exception!

I’m starting to remember some of the moves, so that makes me feel good.

The class was packed and we had a great workout!

My friends Nandaine & Andrea both took a test to become BollyX instructors later in the day.

I told Andrea that during the class I was watching her instead of the instructor to try to figure out what to do. I’m very hopeful that she and Nandaine will get good news when their test results are in. I’d totally take classes they lead!

BollyXgroupHere’s a photo of everyone post class

After class, I met up with my husband and we both headed to Revere Beach to check out the Sand Sculpture Festival. The sculptures were very impressive and I got a good walk in to see them all and check out the vendors as well.

By the end of the day I’d earned 6 Weight Watchers activity points. Not to shabby!