Weight Watchers – 7.29.14

Tuesday afternoon is my usual weight in with Weight Watchers and I had positive results today – down 0.8 pounds this week bringing me back to 26 pounds lost total.

There wasn’t much time to celebrate though because we were told our meeting is closing permanently on August 12th. (I think that’s stupid that they’re closing the meeting thinking members left because our former Leader died but it’s really just normal summer time vacations making attendance in the meeting a little lower than usual.)

Anyone have suggestions for meetings I should check out in MA?
It’s important to me to find a meeting with a Leader that has a meeting style that motivates me.

After this meeting closes, I’ll probably check out evening meetings at the WW center near my house to look for a new weekly meeting location.

I’m sad though. I’ll miss the members who’ve been with me for most of my weight loss journey.



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