Running with Luna Chix

Team Luna ChixLast night, I went for a run with the Boston branch of Team Luna Chix.

I have been hesitant to join running groups because the one other organized group I tried left me behind because I was too slow.

But, I was assured by friends of mine that run with Luna Chix that – yes, they do have others who walk/run – really! No, they WILL NOT leave you behind.

Even with their assurances, I asked my friend Jess L. to join me for the run, just in case I fell behind.

I had an amazing time last night! The group was wicked welcoming and they really meant it when they said they wouldn’t leave anyone behind.

I walked/ran with a woman from the team that was assigned to stay with the last person in the 3 mile group. She’s recovering from an injury so she was perfectly fine with me walking when I needed to, and my crazy sprints. (Next running goal – figure out pacing so I stop burning out and have to walk!)

We actually ended up doing 3.5 miles because we followed the 4 mile group back, but I was OK with that.

I had my best pace ever for the 1st two miles – running under 12 minute miles for both!

By the 3rd mile though, my legs were reminding me that they were annoyed with me for trying to get in two workouts in the same day. (November Project at 6:30 AM & Luna Chix run at 6:30 PM – why not?)

I’m definitely going to return for a run after an August vacation.

I think I may have a running group now!

Thank you ladies of Team Luna Chix for actually being sincere about having all levels of runners in your group and making sure no one is left behind.

Because of my double workout on Wednesday, I earned 12 WW Activity points! (kinda crazy for me)


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