BollyX and Bravo

Monday was a very stressful day.

It started when my morning commute took 3.5 hours because of flash flooding on route 9. (I made it OK but was worried I was going to stall my car out driving through water on the roads.)

Then around noon, I heard that at tornado had hit Revere, MA. I have 8 extended family members who live in Revere and thankfully everyone is safe. I called my Grandmother on my lunch break to check in with her and she told me how the sky had turned pitch black before the wind came.

Finally, just 5 minutes before closing time for my job, I discovered that my boss had accidentally deleted a report I’d spent weeks working on. She told me I’d done a great job with the report and it was very detailed. It just needed some minor changes. When I went to open the report to make the edits, a blank spreadsheet was there instead of the report. (Don’t worry – I had a back up so I’ve been able to replicate the report this morning.)

So, as the day ended I thought “I either need to go home and get some wine or go join my friends for a BollyX fitness class”.

You can probably guess from the title of this post which choice I made. (The BollyX class was fun. I got to see Andrea and Nandanie rocking their dance moves in the front row.)

This is a big behavior change for me, and in Weight Watchers, they hand out “bravo” stickers to celebrate behavior changes.

I’m glad I made the healthier for me choice and I’m hoping the extra activity in the week will lead to weight loss when I weigh in today.



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