BollyX & A Beach Walk


Nandaine, me, and Andrea

On Sunday morning, I drove to Boston for a BollyX (dance fitness) class at Athleta.

BollyX is always a great time, and this class was no exception!

I’m starting to remember some of the moves, so that makes me feel good.

The class was packed and we had a great workout!

My friends Nandaine & Andrea both took a test to become BollyX instructors later in the day.

I told Andrea that during the class I was watching her instead of the instructor to try to figure out what to do. I’m very hopeful that she and Nandaine will get good news when their test results are in. I’d totally take classes they lead!

BollyXgroupHere’s a photo of everyone post class

After class, I met up with my husband and we both headed to Revere Beach to check out the Sand Sculpture Festival. The sculptures were very impressive and I got a good walk in to see them all and check out the vendors as well.

By the end of the day I’d earned 6 Weight Watchers activity points. Not to shabby!


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