Orange Theory


On Sunday, I had my first class at Orange Theory – a new fitness studio that just opened in Brighton.

Orange Theory describes their work out as “60-minute workout sessions split into intervals of cardiovascular and strength training with heart rate monitors to track intensity and maximize metabolic burn.

What makes them different from other workouts of this style is they give you a heart rate monitor to wear so you can see your personal stats during the work out and know if your heart rate is in the desired “orange zone” of moderate intensity.

I was told to show up 20 minutes early for my 1st class to have the heart rate monitor set up for me. I was surprised and annoyed when I showed up and found out that the showing up early was so sales staff could try to sell me my own personal heart monitor strap for $20. (No thank you!) Instead, I opted to rent a monitor for the class for free.

Now, my heart rate monitor was glitching the whole class so it only sporadically showed my stats on the TV screens in the workout space. (The cynic in me wondered if this was designed to make me want to spend the $20 on my own personal monitor, but it just made me think there’s no way I’m buying my own if the rental doesn’t work!)

I began the class on the treadmill and appreciated that they had work outs designed for 3 levels – power walker, jogger, and runner. Since I’m still walk/running my 5Ks I opted for the power walker level. The way the workout was scheduled it did make me push myself more than if I ran on the treadmill in a gym on my own.

Then I moved to the rowing machine and strength training. Since it was my 1st class, I didn’t know how to adjust the rowing machine, so I have no idea if I was doing that at the level of intensity I should have been. I also had a hard time getting my feet out of the rowing machine when we moved on to body weight strength training, so I missed instruction on how the moves were supposed to go.

I felt confused and embarrassed.

I’m going to give Orange Theory two more chances next week, but right now I’m a little concerned that it isn’t right for me.

The first class is free & I also have a voucher for a free week of classes from the Runners World Heartbreak Hill Expo that I’m using next week.

My next class will be on Friday, then again on Sunday.


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