New Balance Girls Night Out Boston – July


Tonight was the New Balance Girls Night Out for July.

What a great night!

It was once again hosted by the wonderful Rachel C from Healthy Chicks.

We could pick from 3 different fitness activities: a 3 mile run, spin with Flywheel, or a class at Equinox.

I figured I’d go with the experience that was new to me – a boot camp class at Equinox.


Here’s the workout in action – I’m on the right side in a gray shirt

The class was intense but good. I earned 4 WW activity points for the 45 minute workout! Our heart rate was kept up as we completed a bunch of body weight exercises on the roof deck of Equinox. (It was also hot since it was outdoors.)

My 2 critiques of the class were that the gym didn’t close the roof deck for our class so others were working out there. This lead to me having trouble hearing the instructor over the sounds of a gym jumping rope. I had a lot of trouble hearing and seeing the instructor so I must have looked like I didn’t have a clue.

The exercises were all done on the concrete of the roof deck, so I skipped some moves where my head would face straight down. My glasses were slipping off my head and I didn’t want to break them if they fell on the concrete.

After class, we headed back to New Balance to hear from Rachel on the topic of self expression through fitness.

In the gift bag was a towel that you could have imprinted with your choice of 3 phrases. I chose “Girls run this town”.

Huge thanks to New Balance, Rachel, and Equinox for another amazing & fun night!


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