November Project – Week 8 – Squats, Backpacks, and Trombone – Oh My!

This morning was my 2 month mark for attending November Project Boston! (Yippee!)

I still think joining NP was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. #JustShowUp and you’ll see what I mean.

2 of my friends were “newbies” today (1st time at NP) but it was great to see Michael Augustine (of Bike MS Cape Cod Getaway Team Velox Rota fame) & Fen Tung (of Bolly X Fitness instructing fame) both climbing!

You may be wondering about my post title at this point.

Today was “pack day” which means you’re asked to bring a backpack with you with whatever weight you’d like in it. (Because you know, climbing stairs isn’t hard or anything. :-P)

I brought my AIDS walk drawstring bag and tossed a few water bottles in it (in addition to my keys, wallet, phone). My plan was to have the water bottles add weight until I found someone who needed water and gave my extra away. The plan worked perfectly!

There was a person climbing today in hiking boots with skis on his back! Another carried a different human on his back, and they switched places at the top! It was a little crazy.

We also had another “firedrill” day. This time, when the cowbell sounded, we had to do 10 squats. It sounded at least 4 times.

And there was a guy who brought his trombone, which he played during the “firedrills”. When the Saints Go Marching in sounded great! He also played Happy Birthday for the lady who had her birthday celebrated during the group picture.

I got in 20 sections. I would have liked to increased my record for the number of sections I’ve completed, but I’m OK with it, considering we had the added packs and firedrills.

If you live in MA & you’re curious about why I’m now a Novemeber Project devote and why I’m so obsessed, come climb with me on a Wednesday! In fact, come on 7/30 because we’ll have a DJ playing for us as we climb!

And now, 2 photos from the day:


Climbing up – on the left in a purple #GrassRootsGear tee & blue shorts


I’ve now nicknamed this my “There are more stairs?!” face


4 thoughts on “November Project – Week 8 – Squats, Backpacks, and Trombone – Oh My!

  1. “Another carried a different human on his back, and they switched places at the top! It was a little crazy.”

    It took me a few rereads to understand that, and then I had the best mental picture. Like, an adult size baby carrier? haha!

    • I’ll try to find a photo but basically one guy carried another adult guy on his back piggyback style while climbing up the steps, then they switched so the other was the one being carried at the top. It’s as nuts as it sounds.

      (I was worried they’d hurt themselves.)

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