RACE Cancer Foundation May Challenge


I’m committing to walk at least a mile every day in May & raising money for RACE Cancer Foundation.

Will you join me for the May Challenge?

You can log your mileage anywhere in the world so sign up today to help this great cause: http://rcm.nu/79tze


YWCA Cambridge

It’s International Women’s Day and I can’t think of a better time to write about the YWCA in Cambridge, MA.



You may think of the YWCA as a gym, but it’s actually a nonprofit that does so much more!

The YWCA Cambridge is an institution in Cambridge and Marshfield, a cornerstone for providing safe, affordable accommodations for women and families and an advocate for human rights.

With 103 units of single room occupancy housing for single women and a 10-bed shelter for homeless families, the YWCA is the city’s largest residential housing provider for women.

Our Marshfield Branch, offers a reasonably priced summer day camp program to families in Marshfield and the surrounding communities.

The YWCA Cambridge is dedicated to eliminating racism empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.

As far as health and wellness:
Boston Classical Soo Bahk Do, a Korean martial art, has recently become a YWCA Cambridge program. The main building hosts classes in Tai Chi, Latin Dance, Pilates, Gyrotonics, and more!

When my baby is a little older, I’ll get a sitter and sign up for a workout class.

Since I’ve worked in fundraising for nonprofits for over 10 years, I love when I can support other nonprofits and get a workout at the same time!

Healthy and Back to Nonprofit Fundraising



Aliza Sherman, Beth Kanter, and me at a book tour event in Boston for Happy Healthy Nonprofit

I hate starting posts with iterations of “it’s been too long since I wrote” because that means life got in the way.

For 2016 and even the beginning of this year, I’ve been focusing on getting my health back on track. Thanks to some amazing doctors, my health issues seem to have resolved!

As anyone knows that has been sidelined by an injury or health related issue – your focus unfortunately gets singular to getting well. In my experience, that meant fitness was just not a priority. Nor was writing blog posts. (I missed writing too!)

The great news is, I can tell I’m back to my old healthy but over-scheduled self. I’ve been able to take on some nonprofit volunteer commitments and am happy about it.

When I’m working (still job searching but hopeful) I’m a nonprofit fundraiser. I’ve got about 7 years of experience in fundraising and I love it!

I’m currently temping as a fundraising staffer at a community health center in Boston. It makes me so happy to be back working on fundraising activities! I find myself humming a happy tune when I’m being a nonprofit nerd, looking at 990 tax returns for funders to see if they could be a fit for our nonprofit, based on who they have funded in the past.

One of the volunteer commitments I mentioned is serving on the planning committee for Community Servings LifeSavor event. I’m working on asking for donations for the balloon pop portion of the fundraising event. It makes me so happy to be able to use my fundraising skills to help a nonprofit I’ve volunteered for and admired since 2002.

Community Servings believes food heals. They live that mission by  preparing and delivering 9,600 meals each week to individuals and families who are homebound and living with critical and chronic illnesses. The made-from-scratch meals are medically tailored to meet the nutritional and medical needs of clients who are fighting illnesses like HIV/AIDS, diabetes, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and many others.

If you know of anyone that may be willing to donate an item or gift certificate for the LifeSavor fundraiser for Community Servings, let me know & I can send you details.

Another nonprofit commitment has been serving on the development (fundraising) committee for is Lady Project. I’ve been helping them with some grant research and writing. I also help with overall fundraising strategy and attended a development committee meeting in Providence on Saturday morning. It’s very exciting times for The Lady Project with the opening of our new space for nonprofit events and celebrating our 18th chapter joining us!

I have time to read again (YAY) and I finished The Happy Healthy Nonprofit earlier this month. I highly recommend it! The photos above are from earlier this month when a book tour took the authors to Boston to record a podcast. I greatly enjoyed being in the audience.

I’m currently reading Joan Garry’s Guide to Nonprofit Leadership: Because Nonprofits Are Messy. I received an advanced copy of Joan Garry’s Guide to Nonprofit Leadership because I’m also volunteering as part of her book launch team.

I’ve read Joan Garry’s blog for years – must read for funny but realistic advice for nonprofit staff, board members, and volunteers. Her book is WONDERFUL! I hate putting it down and read it every chance I get. I even stopped playing Pokemon Go on my subway commute to and from my temp employer, so I can read this book instead.

So, I think you can tell, I’ve been busy and I feel like myself again!

My work schedule right now won’t allow me to return to November Project, but my next goal for myself is to find a way to schedule fitness activities back in my life.

City Awake Our Convention

I’m proud to be a City Awake Delegate.

City Awake Delegates is a nine-month interactive platform designed to mobilize and empower young adults to become valued stakeholders in the civic dialogue of Greater Boston.

Our kick off event was Our Convention – a one day conference at the Edward Kennedy Institute in Boston.

Here are some of my photos from the day:



Me, proudly holding my delegate book






The keynotes were in this replica of the US Senate

So cool!




I’m looking forward to lots more learning during the 9 months of this program.

Fundraising for RACE Cancer Foundation

I’ve written here before about being on the board of RACE Cancer Foundation.

On Wednesday morning, I had the privilege of touring a cancer research lab at Mass General Hospital that got funds from RACE Cancer Foundation.

Thank you to Dr. Nabeel Bardeesy for the presentation on your work and tour of the lab.

It’s very cutting edge work that could end up curing Cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer). They’ve already discovered that cancers that have an “unknown primary site” are most often actually this type of cancer.

I’m fundraising for RACE Cancer Foundation: https://www.crowdrise.com/race-cancer-foundation/fundraiser/daniellekempe

Will you support me with a donation?
Thanks to donors like you, RACE Cancer Foundation can support research and supply free sunscreen in hopes of preventing sun exposure caused cancers.

Thanks to everyone who’s already donated for bringing me to 25% of my fundraising goal raised!

Race Cancer 25%

Fitness at the Nonprofit Technology Conference

I’m back in MA after a week long trip to CA for the Nonprofit Technology Conference.

It was my 1st year attending and I was blown away by how awesome the event was – educational and amazing networking opportunities.

I was a speaker on the panel “How Nonprofit Staff Can Regain Control of Their Work Lives and Get Better Results“.

I was also impressed by the effort to offer active networking opportunities at the conference.

During lunch break on the 1st day of the conference, I went on a walk lead by Beth Kanter and Aliza Sherman – Authors of “Happy Healthy Nonprofit“.


Group photo from the #16NTCwalk

The following day at lunch there was a cycling tour – but I am not a fan of riding a bike without wearing a helmet, so I skipped that in favor of lunch with my fellow panelists and Nonprofit Marketing Guide All Access Pass members.

On the last day of the conference, there was “Geek Yoga” during the lunch break.


I’m on the right side, facing the camera, ready to yoga – despite wearing a dress

I had a great time at both active sessions and am super glad I joined in.

I hope to be able to attend the Nonprofit Technology Conference in 2017!


Lady Project Summit 2016


On Saturday, I spent my day volunteering at The Lady Project Summit.

I’m a BOS Lady Project member, so I was excited to see what the Summit was like.

I started the day as a volunteer at registration and then was the room host volunteer in the Lower Lobby for the sessions there.

Lady Project Summit

It was an extremely inspiring day!

Definitely worth the hour drive from my home to Providence, RI to attend.

Emily Belden spoke about her journey to get her book published and how talking to people with no expectation helped her get where she is today. Along the way, she ended up on the Today Show talking about her “penny floor“.

Natali Wachtman Perilo spoke about effective leadership practices – and shared some cringe worthy personal experiences of times that leadership was ineffective.

Tiffany Yu spoke about disability, diversity, and identity. I was moved way more than I expected to be by this workshop.

Easy Entertaining hosted a healthy cooking demo – with delicious samples post demo. There were fish cakes, kale salad, and cauliflower “fried rice”.

Kelly Jensen spoke on taking risks, which I found very appropriate to me since I’m job searching post lay off, and in light of the theme of the photo blogging challenge I participated in last month.

The feeling the whole day was electric! I got to reconnect with a friend from college that is also a BOS Lady Project member, and make lots of new connections that I hope turn into friends.

It was a great beginning to my month of attending conferences. This Saturday I’m attending a nonprofit governance conference. The following week, I’m both leading a session and attending the Nonprofit Technology Conference.