Photo Blogging Challenge – Holly Jolly

Well, I certainly have a lot of great photos to choose from for this December 2021 photo blogging challenge: Holly Jolly.

First, some fun news. My new years eve Instagram of the Boston Harbor Ice Sculpture Stroll won me a “staycation package”

Here’s the winning post:

Instagram Boston Harbor Ice Sculpture Stroll

Now, on to the photo blogging challenge. Let’s start with a unique to us photos.

One of our friends goes all out for Christmas decorations & this year he made stairs so the Christmas Village is viewable from outside! (COVID surge related reasons)

So here’s my daughter looking in at the Christmas Village and the sign inviting anyone to come see. Huge thanks to the Blue family for inviting us over!

Continuing with the theme of both unique and due to wonderful friends – the animal adventures at the home of my friend from high school, Jenn.

Jenn has “Christmas Giraffes” for lawn decorations!!!

Inside only got better! Jenn’s practically got an aquarium in her home!

Bearded Dragon
Crabs and fish for them to eat

Now, that would normally be where I stop, because I put up 5 photos. I’m still rolling with the jolly though because gosh darn it – I need positive in this pandemic scary!

Here’s 2 from meeting Santa at the Cape Codder Hotel

Oh lobster trap tree
Santa was impressive and really good with my daughter being autistic

One last photo – from Christmas Eve

This is my Dad being a proud Grandpa – reading a book to his granddaughter (my daughter)

Looking forward to scrolling through everyone else’s photo blogging posts.

Hope you had a Holly Jolly December and a wonderful 2022.

4 thoughts on “Photo Blogging Challenge – Holly Jolly

  1. Those unique-to-you Christmas experiences are heart-warming! Some great memories preserved in these photos. šŸ™‚ And congratulations on winning the staycation…looking forward to seeing highlights in an upcoming post. Happy New Year to you and your family. Wishing you all the best in 2022.

    • Thanks GeoKs.

      Grandpa reading to her has a six week cancer treatment starting tomorrow so I get over emotional looking at that photo. (He’s going to be fine. It’s just pandemic overwhelm getting to me)

  2. Those are awesome pics for the month. The Christmas village is amazing! I laughed at the lobster trap tree. That Santa looks pretty genuine to me! Thanks for sharing. Congrats on winning the staycation!

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