Zumba with Fen & David


On Saturday, I was finally feeling well enough to get some fitness back in my life.

As luck would have it, that was also the date of the monthly free Zumba class (taught by my friend Fen & her husband David) at The River in Quincy.

The location of the class is walking distance from my condo & it’s the first Saturday that the class was offered that I didn’t have a conflict with the date.

I’m glad I gave Zumba another shot and attended this class. (My 2nd Zumba class ever.)

I had a great time & the other attendees were very welcoming.

There were 17 people there – with varying levels of dance skill. There were even some adorable children taking the class.

Thanks to winning Snacking in Sneakers Zumba giveaway, I looked the part in a Zumba branded tank top & headband. (Thanks again Chrissy!)

According to my Fitbit, I burned 277 calories from the class, and it contributed to my overall step total of 6,799 for the day.


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