Photo Blogging Challenge – Games

I’ve participated in a Photo Blogging Challenge this month, facilitated by PJ of the Northeast Bloggers Network. The theme for January was “games”. My in-laws like to have family game nights, so I thought of the board games we play there. 100_2213


Just a sampling of the game collection at my in-laws house


One of the games we played this month was the “Seafarers” expansion for Settlers of Catan



Seafarers game in progress – popcorn optional, but delicious

So there you have it – my 5 January photos!

I enjoyed the challenge, because it got me back in the habit of taking photos with a digital camera, rather than my phone.

I’m looking forward to future photo blogging! Thanks to PJ for creating the challenges!


9 thoughts on “Photo Blogging Challenge – Games

  1. This is the second post I’ve seen in the challenge with Settlers in it. A fine game, indeed. I haven’t played any of the expansions, though. Looks fun! 🙂

    Thanks for joining the challenge and hope to see you in future ones!

    • Thanks PJ! I’m glad you host this challenge.

      I’m proud of myself for these, despite life getting in the way.

      (I almost added a photo of my husband playing Animal Crossing this morning, but I figured it was better to leave this all board games.)

  2. There are a lot of games on that game shelf that I’ve never heard of before. Quoridor and Spy Alley sound especially interesting.

    We only have the basic Settlers of Catan game, but our youngest son has recently started talking about an expansion pack for use when his friends are over and I insist they take a break from video gaming! I like the little boats in the Seafarers expansion pack, so I’ll definitely look for it next time I’m near a toy shop.

    So glad to have another new participant in the photo blogging challenge this month. Looking forward to seeing your post for February.

  3. I’m glad to see people’s opinions of the Seafarers expansion. The kids and I were just discussing whether we would like any of them or not.
    That is a lot of games! The first thing I noticed was the condition of the boxes. Ours never last more than a few months without extensive use of tape. 🙂

    • It’s easier to keep boxes without tape when the players are all over 21. 🙂

      Some in the family get a bit OCD about how the game is put away – which I don’t mind because it keeps pieces from being lost.

  4. I’m clearly going to have to get into Settler’s. I bought Ticket to Ride last year after seeing it on Tabletop. Does anyone watch that? It’s a good source for new games. The family had a great time playing it. Welcome to the group!

    • I read Wil Wheaton’s blog, but don’t watch table top.

      I like to try out games at events like Boston Festival of Indie Games and PAX East – then buy games I like at local store Eureka in Coolidge Corner Brookline, MA.

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