When Plans Get Broken


I was very optimistic about 2015 when I made plans for this year.

Well, sometimes life gets in the way.

I’ve been dealing with some very painful back, neck, and shoulder blade muscle spasms.

On Saturday, instead of picking up my Frozen 5 K race #, I was at an urgent care center getting my neck x-rayed.

I couldn’t run the 5K on Sunday & I’ve taken 2 sick days from work this week due to the pain.

I’m going to miss November Project & Cardio Tap on Wednesday.

My husband asked the doctor if the spasms could be caused my my workout routines, but the doctor says he suspects under-use of the muscles caused the spasms. (I don’t have any good story for what I did to cause it – sorry guys!)

I shared my frustrations on Facebook and my wise friend Alan said, “Life throws curve balls, so sit back wait on it then hit it out the ball park!”

Thanks Alan! That’s exactly what I needed to hear right now.


7 thoughts on “When Plans Get Broken

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that! Do you sit a lot at work? I find no matter how much exercising I do, I can’t out work a desk job and I seem to end up with a lot of soreness in this area. I do find yoga helps! Feel better!

  2. Your friend is a wise person. I use a version of that saying, often. Usually just “Sit back on the curve and smack it.” Here’s hoping your neck feels better!

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