13,881 steps – Thanks Yelp Boston Somer Love-In!

On Saturday night, Yelp Boston hosted an amazing party in Somerville “Somer Love-In” at Brooklyn Boulders.

My husband & I walked over from the Porter Square T station which was about a 20 minute round trip walk.

One of the highlights of my night was watching the African dance group Agbekor Drum & Dance Society.

Yelp photo 1

Yelp photo 3Me & my husband are part of the watching crowd on the top left

Much to my pleasant surprise, they pulled in people from the audience to dance in their last number and I was one of the lucky chosen.

Here’s a photo of me enjoying the moment:

Yelp photo 2After the dancing, my Fitbit flashed to let me know I’d passed 10,000 steps for the day.

Here’s what I had to say about the event in my Yelp review:

What a wonderful, wicked fun night! Thank you again Yelp Boston for organizing!

I had a blast!

The food & drinks were delicious & filling!

There was a DroneCam from Above Summit filming the action. (I really hope it has audio for when a friend realized there was a camera on the drone.)

My jaw dropped watching Esh Circus Arts ribbon suspension performance!

Agbekor Drum & Dance pulled me into their dancing! Thank you to Laura for instructing me on the moves. (She was an awesome dancer!) I’m afraid of what pictures will look like because I have 2 left feet but I had a wonderful time.

Post dance, my Fitbit called me an “overachiever” for getting in so many steps in one day.

The Yelp swag of a flask made me laugh but I took a plastic tumbler cup instead.

It’s 2 days after the event and I’m still in awe!


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