November Project – Cold 11/18


My husband joined me at November Project Boston this morning to climb some stairs at Harvard Stadium.

I was super happy. I’ve been working out with NP for over 2 years, but this was the first time my husband joined me for a Wednesday NP workout.

It was cold. The weather report on the drive in said 28 degrees.

We were bundled up and ready – so I thought.

Got to NP OK. Bounced, hugged, and attended the Newbie meeting.

I started climbing with my husband and I wasn’t doing well. Coughing a lot, due to still not being over a cold.

But my husband fared worse than me. I was afraid the drive home was going to turn into a drive to the ER.

I’m blaming it on the cold temperature, but my husband felt horrible. He described it as feeling like his “lungs and heart were on fire”. I think that his asthma acted up. He hasn’t had asthma symptoms as an adult, so he didn’t even think of it as a possible problem.

We left after climbing 3 sections.

Once we got home, he could catch his breath again, but he gave me quite a scare.

I’m disappointed, since this was NOT the outcome I expected when he finally joined me for NP stair climbing.

#FitnessFail for us. 😦

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